Joe Rogan and Naval Ravikant Episode #1309

Jocko Willink is an author, black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and retired commander of the most highly decorated special-operations unit of the Iraq War: US Navy SEAL Team Three Task Unit Bruiser, which served in the 2006 Battle of Ramadi. His book “Extreme Ownership” is available now via Amazon

What to expect

Jocko Willink is a former Navy Seal, writer, and motivator. On this episode, Joe and Jocko talk about:

– War is the ultimate human test – People from both sides are trying to kill the other, it’s life or death.
– Jocko’s life long dream was to be in a leadership role during combat.
– Jocko found that the best leaders are ones who take extreme ownership and complete responsibility of problems.
– A positive aspect of joining the military: They don’t care about your past.

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Key Takeaways

– War is the ultimate human test – People from both sides are trying to kill the other, it’s life or death
– There are two types of will you need to have if you’re going to war:
– “One is the will to kill people… and you also have to have the will to die”
– The principles of leadership don’t change whether your mission is to capture and kill bad guys or to manufacture and sell something
– In both cases, you have to take a diverse group of people and unify them to accomplish a mission in the most effective and efficient manner
– The best leaders are ones who take extreme ownership and complete responsibility for problems
– Don’t let your ego make you feel as if you’re too good to make mistakes, no one’s perfect
– You can destroy ideas with military force
– Nazism, imperial Japan, and slavery no longer exist because people went to war against those that held these ideas
– When you travel around the globe and see what the rest of the world is like, you become more patriotic as you start to appreciate how great America really is
– Discipline equals freedom: the more discipline you have in life, the more freedom you’ll have
– If you have the discipline to save money and invest it wisely, you’ll have more financial freedom later on in life
– If you have the discipline to wake up early and not waste time on mindless activities, you’ll have more freedom to pursue your hobbies and passions
– The minute you start saying, “I learned everything there is to learn about this,” is the day you start to lose
– Always stay humble and be hungry to learn more

– Jocko Willink (@jockowillink) is a podcaster, author, and retired United States Navy SEAL. He hosts the Jocko Podcast.
– Jock was awarded the Silver Star and Bronze Star for his service in the Iraq War
– He was a commander of SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser during the Battle of Ramadi
– This was Jocko’s first appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience
Books Mentioned

–  Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
A Little Bit About Jocko Willink

– Joe saw Jocko several times at various UFC events but didn’t learn about his background until he listened to Tim Ferriss’ first podcast with him
– One of the highlights of the interview: Jocko posts a picture of his watch every day he wakes up (Why? – He usually gets up at the astonishing hour of 4:45 AM)
– Jocko and his former teammate, Leif Babin, wrote the book Extreme Ownership to share leadership lessons from combat
Combat: The Ultimate Test

– Jocko’s life long dream was to be in a leadership role during combat
– He took part in the Battle of Ramadi in 2006 which was one of the worst places in the world at that time 
– “I feel like my whole life was preparing me for that position”
– War is the ultimate human test – People from both sides are trying to kill the other, it’s life or death
– “Combat is like life, but amplified and intensified”
– The consequences are everything and there are no higher stakes, you can easily die
– Even though war can be horrible, many veterans say it’s the best part of their lives (including Jocko)
– “There’s no doubt about it, best time of my life”
– Jocko wasn’t worried about getting himself hurt or killed during combat, he was worried about his teammates – “That’s the most important thing and the thing keeping you awake at night”
– The insurgents Jocko and American forces were fighting were true bad guys – they tortured, beheaded, raped, and skinned people 
– The insurgents went around and murdered anyone who helped the coalition forces
– When you travel around the globe and see what the rest of the world is like, you become more patriotic since you start to appreciate how great America really is
– America is far from perfect, but we do have a TON of freedom (speech, religion, etc.)
Jocko’s Deployments & His Time in Ramadi

– Jocko’s first deployment went rather smoothly – he was sent to Baghdad. However, his second one was the exact opposite.
– He was sent to Ramadi, one of the worst places in Iraq – this excited him since he wanted to go to a place where he could make a big difference
– During his first deployment, no one was killed. During his second, someone was killed within 24 hours.
– In Baghdad the SEALs went looking for bad guys, but “In Ramadi, the bad guys were going to find you”
– And the enemies weren’t amateurs – “It was a real trained and well-coordinated enemy”
– The strategy for Ramadi was: Seize, Clear, Hold, and Build
– Seize buildings, clear them of bad guys, hold the property, and build them into American or Iraqi forts
– The strategy changed as U.S. troops took more Iraqui troops under their wing
– However, Iraqi soldiers were barely soldiers
– “They’re just unmotivated and poorly trained. In fact, in many cases, their loyalty is questionable.”
– A lot of the Iraqi soldiers didn’t know left from right, nor could they count – “Totally uneducated”
– So why the change?
– Iraqi soldiers needed the experience, they needed to be trained, and they needed to be able to hold the security in their own country and not depend on Americans forever
– The new strategy worked and by January 2007 the battle for Ramadi was mostly over
– The number of attacks dropped from 30-50 per day to just 1 a day or week
– “It was a miraculous turnaround”
– Unfortunately today, Ramadi is once again overrun with insurgents – this time, ISIS holds the town
Thoughts On War

– Oftentimes, the people who have been to war are the last ones to go to war again since they’ve seen firsthand the horrors that occur during combat
– Nations need to think twice before going to war
– Enemies will be killed, but so will friendly forces, American troops, and innocent civilians
– There are two types of will you need to have if you’re going to war:
– “One is the will to kill people…and you also have to have the will to die”
– If you’re going to war, you need to have confidence in your plan and a clear strategy for victory
– If you want to win, you must fully commit
– America went from having 100k+ troops in Iraq at the height of the war to about 2,000 troops today. With a diminishing U.S. presence, it’s no surprise that ISIS reclaimed much of Iraq after Americans began pulling out.
Jocko’s Post-Military Career

– Jocko got out of the military in 2010
– He now runs Echelon Front, a leadership and management consulting company
– The principles of leadership don’t change whether your mission is to capture and kill bad guys or to manufacture and sell something
– In both cases, you have to take a diverse group of people and unify them to accomplish a mission in the most effective and efficient manner
– Jocko’s company does both keynote speeches and training seminars
– The most challenging thing in life is being in a leadership position and getting your team to work together to accomplish an important mission
– Business isn’t about lives, but it is about livelihood
– Owning a business is a lot of pressure – your employees depend on you for their paycheck and for earning the money needed to pay rent and feed their families
– By helping businesses, Jocko is helping America develop its economy – economic growth buys influence and power around the world
Take Extreme Ownership

– Jocko found that the best leaders are ones who take extreme ownership and complete responsibility of problems
– Don’t let your ego make you feel as if you’re too good to make mistakes, no one is perfect
– When a leader takes responsibility for a problem, this encourages their subordinates to do the same
– When a leader points fingers at a problem, the subordinates point them right back
– Even Jocko sometimes has trouble putting his ego in check and taking responsibility for an issue instead of blaming others
Additional Notes

– “America is unbelievably luxurious compared to the rest of the world”
– You don’t need to work out to exhaustion to get stronger
– You can destroy ideas with military force: Nazism, imperial Japan, and slavery no longer exist because people went to war against those that held these ideas
– Why learn martial arts? – Two reasons:
– It’s good to do something challenging
– You want to be able to defend yourself if needed
– America has turned into a nice, insulated bubble where most people don’t realize the necessity for war to stop all of the evil acts happening in many countries around the world
– A positive aspect of joining the military: They don’t care about your past
– You enter with a clean slate and they give you direct rules on what to do in order to become successful
– The military also does a great job of teaching people discipline
– Discipline equals freedom: the more discipline you have in life, the more freedom you’ll have
– If you have the discipline to save money and invest it wisely, you’ll have more financial freedom later on
– If you have the discipline to wake up early and not waste time on mindless activities, you’ll have more freedom to pursue your hobbies and passions
– The minute you start saying, “I learned everything there is to learn about this,” is the day you start to lose – this applies to leadership, business, martial arts, etc.
– Always stay humble and be hungry to learn more
– There’s ALWAYS room for improvement and new things to learn


three-two-one later today young Tim Dylan will find out whether or not he has the antibodies yes yes and if I do I’m going to woo Han to do a like a fun little video in a wet market and eat it back if I have the antibodies it’s not it’s okay is it safe I don’t know what this is yeah no one knows we’ve never been in a time where literally nobody knows I have a string of text messages from alex jones yeah like that will change your opinion if you if you smoke enough weed and you know smoke will you ever weed I smoked a lot of weed for a very long time but we yes when I discovered Alex Jones 13 when I was smoking weed listening to him on the gcn Network but when you got clean it wasn’t we that was a problem no it was the cocaine and the booze and the pills but weed was always there I’ve never been a cocaine user I’ve never used it but I do love that Buckcherry song oh yeah it’s great that’s great yeah it’s a great truck I mean don’t do it if your problem Alex left I haven’t even gotten to them cuz I got the ridge is a real I changed my phone number not that long ago right I change it every few months now yeah it doesn’t matter do you get random tax from just anybody yeah Wren yeah yeah but this is these are all all these are voicemail messages and look at all these videos you sent me to watch and all these websites he’s convinced yeah that it’s a weaponized virus that leaked from a lab well there’s a lot of people that are saying that in wuhan obviously they have that lab right whether it’s a bio defense or bio research laboratories something there something’s there something in wuhan where the disease is somebody sent it now this is kind of convincing that maybe there were people set back door selling the animals that they were experimenting on to whet markets like if you’re broke and you regard at the Wu hen lab you’re like hey I’m just selling bats and dogs for extra money and he sold maybe one of the wrong ones and now we have this issue really where’d you hear that I mean that’s on the internet Joe but now every theory has as much weight as any other theory right now right now because shit scientists that are actually like one of the things they found out is that the origins of the virus in New York City it comes directly from Europe apparently they can tell that interesting somehow kind of no I find out how they can do they trace it back to like patient zero with the first person so they did some sort of tracing right because that’s the new yeah I just luck of Google and yeah we’re working together to get tracing software see that’s that’s what scares me we talked about that the other day if you have to have everything on your phone like showing that you’re positive yeah you know you have to have a phone everywhere the call you have to take out your car that you’re positive to get into Applebee’s yeah Adam antibodies sent me this this whole thing saying this is why I have a flip phone yeah I know Adam curry yeah the original father and he’s saying that he won’t he won’t do it yeah most coronavirus cases in New York City can be traced back to Europe not Asia research shows what is the research though what does it say I mean research tracking spread okra I determined the virus has been circulating in New York City for a couple months since before the testing began genetic sequencing of virus samples indicates at most the early cases in New York originated in Europe not Asia so it’s some sort of genetic sequencing research team studied samples of the virus taken from 91 New York patients as viruses evolved during transmission from person to person their sequences can help research this is what scares a fuck out of me just that statement as viruses evolved yeah during transmission these fucking things they morph and twist it sounds like it’s almost like a different thing with different people like I was reading about George Stephanopoulos and yes his wife he hasn’t his wife hasn’t his wife is deathly ill he doesn’t feel a goddamn thing that’s crazy yeah well they’re all so the media is not helping because there’s a lot of they’re circulating these stories that aren’t necessarily the truth or they’re not like the media will be like coronavirus lives 13 feet away from you and then you read the article and buried in the article the they go well doctors don’t really know if these particles are infectious or so it’s like why do you have an article where the boldface headline is coronavirus 13 feet away 19 feet away and then in the article you go well you haven’t even determined if you can get it’s very possible that’s what they do today yeah new news is strange today because they’re just trying to sell papers or write not papers you know the sell clicks yeah they would they want people to pay attention to their articles so everything’s clickbait yeah it’s fucking real weird man and then the other half of that is nobody the guys who don’t believe anything were there on Twitter and nurse we’ll put something on Twitter she’s like you know you know it’s been a rough day and she’s crying and then the first tweet of guys like liar it’s like oh my god here are people who are like you’re a liar I know what’s going on I’m here conflict yeah you’re a crisis actor Oh show me the ward like there’s people being demanded to get into ers you know show me the ER well it’s in there tick tock nurses see yes that’s crazy well here’s the deal there are some places where the hospitals are overwhelmed and there’s some places where the hospitals are empty you know why yeah because the world big yeah okay it’s just like grizzly bears right now if you like whoa chrisley bears are almost extinct go to fucking why Nomi and get eaten right okay you might get right there there yeah there’s a lot of them in Montana they’re there yeah but they’re not in New York City but even in a hospital that’s not busy some nurse has got to go let’s not do the tick-tock dance today some nurses gotta go hey guys let’s not do the tick-tock dance today bullshit cut him a break do whatever the fuck they want I don’t know man even if you’re in an empty hospital in you’re a nurse you might deal with a kovat 19 patient you might get it you might die that’s tough yeah it’s very bad I say let him dance okay this is what I need I mean this is what I’m there’s probably Kovac patients dying while they’re doing that you know maybe not I don’t know who knows that’s possible to believe I don’t know one day I wake up I go this virus is fake the net the next day I wake up I go I’m gonna die today so I don’t know what to believe you know when it gets me ya know the night in the middle of the night cuz I’m a moron and I’d like to drink a lot of water before I go to bed yeah like an asshole okay so I wake up at like 3 o’clock in the morning would convince myself I don’t have to pay a mic please just stay in bed yeah and then I get up and piss like a racehorse and the olympian then I start thinking like what if it changes what if it gets worse what it becomes like the h1n1 flu what if it you know it it becomes as deadly as one of these horrific flus but transmits the same way that this one would it would if it writing all these scenarios it’s interesting it’s like I also think about and I’m not saying the virus is not Organa I’d oh no you know me people say it could be man-made but look at the world before this happened right you had the yellow vests protest in France you had the Hong Kong protest you had a lot of populist movements a lot of uprisings in first world countries like France you saw things happening that you didn’t see before and after the virus you know after this has gotten bad now that’s impossible no you can’t protest you can’t do anything now you can’t leave your house yes yeah but I think it’s way more likely yeah what we’re dealing with is it just a virus sure and that loss is the consequences of the viruses and things are getting locked down what’s really bothering me is this idea that once you get control of people that they’re not gonna let go that if they start taking away civil liberties if they started moving you through checkpoints when you want to travel you have to and you’re on your car you have to wait and they have to you know scan you or check your temperature like that stuff I mean are they gonna let that go once a vaccine gets through no I mean it’s like 9/11 all of that is still left in place right all that the bold uppity Wars yet all the powers that the federal government gave themselves after 9/11 have only been expanded in the years since Obama only expanded Bush and uh you know executive power and he’s been able to do and now everybody’s like concerned now but it’s like the time to be concerned was probably time ago you know because now these things have become so big and so Orwellian like I mean you know but yet this is gonna be a problem do you I think it’ll be possible you won’t be able to get into maybe a sporting event or a concert without walking through like some type of infrared sensor that detects if you have a fever yeah for sure you know you’re gonna well they’re doing it in China and China they’re testing your temperature fever got yeah they have a little gun and test your fan if you have a temperature they put you in up and they mate you they cremate you and put you in an urn so it’s a good way to get the virus when it’s young did you see the protests that they did have where the people were protesting because they’re building a crematorium near them no that’s hilarious yeah it’s it’s dark I mean it’s dark shark they don’t want a crematorium near them well it’s not that they they’re protesting for a bunch of reasons but the real concern is that they’re killing people that have the disease you know concern is that they’re lying about the number of people on disease like only 3,000 people died from the disease 200,000 had it what killed them right there done right 10 million had it yeah they’re there in an urn you got it what this guy the 21 million cell phone thing was but locals protest against cremation of dark no that’s on it no no there’s a crematorium here I’ll send it to you give me just give me a second fish you something with China they’re an efficient country and they’re not emotional no and they get this weird way of putting it well it’s putting a positive spin on it yeah but I’m sure that you know listen there are negatives to that level of efficiency here Jamie I’m sending to you right now protests broke out in China last month over Crematorium plans in Mal Ming yeah Chinese riot police fired tear gas and beat up protesters at Guangdong province have you ever been there gifted shows there anything like no but I have gone through the airport in Taiwan they won’t admit is it’s like Taiwan is not a part of China according to them right China thinks Taiwan doesn’t exist and so the World Health Organization did you see that whole thing wouldn’t it meant that Taiwan was a place right they were asking him about Taiwan he’s like I think China’s done a wonderful job yeah what about Taiwan he’s like click honey I came back well we’d lost you right before we were talking about timewise like yes well let’s move on China’s done a wonderful job like like they’re in the pocket of little it’s a real country yes they’re in the pocket of China of course sure yeah but when we were there what’s shocking is they’re accustomed to violating people’s space right just bump into you I mean they bump into you label yeah they walk right through there’s so many of them right there used to just walking right through you but I saw this old lady walk right through my 10 year old just walk right through her on a plane just boom knocked her out the way my daughter’s like what the fuck yeah she’s got fucked up elderly Chinese was this weird thing it’s like okay if this was if we were in Alabama I would fucking crack this lady right but here we are instead culture yeah yeah okay yeah she’s not being rude this is like a part of what they do this is what they do just walk right over people yeah there’s a lot of people that’s why China’s like we can stand to lose a few yeah they don’t know well they definitely have a lower value of people yeah if you have I mean this just makes sense if there’s a billion people you care about them less yeah I don’t know how about we don’t care numbers yeah we don’t care about people here that much though here yeah you don’t know I mean well if we shouldn’t care about people we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing I know that we do care about people but we also have you know a lot of people going out exposed working in you know supermarket it’s places like that and we’re not doing anything for them you know some of them some of them don’t have masks I mean I think that like those people should get paid you know holiday pay or extra pageant play you know they should be given the correct the right equipment they should probably get some you know they should probably give them some low interest rate loans you know just a function of the fact that the supermarkets weren’t prepared for a pandemic I don’t they don’t care but they’re also I think if you just look at the fact that we shut everything down well why did we shut everything down we shut everything down and protect old people this is this is the whole idea behind yeah Oh people and vulnerable people right yeah I know some young people died but it’s a very low percentage yes it’s mainly all people it’s mainly old people and they did a thing on California how many people died we have a very low number of people that have died yeah do something like 30 people died yesterday yeah and that was the high yeah that’s not that’s not bad no it’s not it’s far less most of them were eighty people who would have died had we let everyone out of their houses yeah most of them were like 65 to 80 and a few of them like a couple or 40 to 60 yeah which that starts to get yeah yeah that’s weird that’s weird but you gotta want you gotta go okay high risk category what happened were you on some other medication that you’re vulnerable when I already did you have some sort of lung disorder we smoker yeah a lot of smokers are getting it hard man yeah I mean I don’t smoke every day but I’ll have a cigarette occasionally like outside a comedy store and now I don’t do that at all because I don’t want to be you know drowning you know they say you feel like you’re drowning when you have this you feel like you’re you can’t get a breath cuz you’re in you’re dry and I don’t want no cigarette is worth that that’s all if cigarettes make a fine well that’s a good point but years from now but if I do have the antibody test if I have antibodies I will just smoked an entire pack of Marlboro Lights William tonight but listen this is what we’re talking about really I don’t believe that they know whether or not you can catch this thing twice I know that’s true some but mostly hina people have tested twice well that could have been a false positive on either end or it could be that you get it again it’s true yeah I don’t think they know yet that’s true if this really is some sort of a man-made concocted virus maybe that makes sense maybe that makes sense that that’s why it’s acting so weird it’s different in different people they don’t understand it you know I mean or maybe it’s just a really particular peculiar virus Ryan that’s why it can come back yeah they don’t know if they do know that this mean this is a big NPR article people are testing positive again who had been confirmed as negative in one I think yeah in China and then Korea they had a few of those cases I’m just the Korean ones way more South Korea yeah the South Korea said 14 percent or something amount of people seem to have tested if again which I mean which is scary because that could be another strain or it could be like herpes it stays system and pops out again like when your immune system or if we’ve all had it in five years we’re all gonna die you know my buddy Justin Renton he runs this he has this nonprofit charity organization fight for the Forgotten they build wells for the pygmies in the Congo yeah and he got malaria when he was in the Congo and he got it again he’s got it three times but he got it one time when he got sick when he’s home he got sick at home and with malaria came back oh it came back Wow yeah so like fucked that’s fucked yeah it’s like it was somehow or another dormant in his system and then when his immune system was shattered by whatever cold or flu he got the malaria kicked back in again is he take it he take that hydroxychloroquine I don’t know what he took he’s taking a bunch of different shit and he actually got really sick what was that stuff that he said he got sick from Jamie it’s there’s actually he he actually had toxic doses of this one malaria medication you’re they’ve had issues with soldiers and people that are deployed in malaria infested areas where they take this stuff and they get this toxic reaction to this stuff and he had taken much more than they were taking he had taken a very large dose he didn’t know that it was like really toxic control well yeah that drug the drug hydroxychloroquine is working people say that it is I’ve talked to doctors it’s a it is absolutely helping people but it’s a very serious drug you have to be careful with it but they say it’s like the Lazarus effect people are getting up and walking out of hospitals you know like it is doing that these it reminds I think good to think I mean Whitney has some of it in her house doesn’t yes yeah she’s got it all doctor she’s got a ventilator she’s killing it she’s got to ventilate no I’m kidding I’m joking I don’t wanna get her in trouble no she’s got she’s got the hydroxy she’s got as if from I said I mean she’s ready she’s ready to go but that’s the thing you know if you’ve done well and you’re successful you can go out and get all the things yeah you know that’s partially you know it’s like guys like me are in trouble but you know guys like yourself you could get a ventilator ventilator immediately almost if you wanted a ventilator mmm that’s great I’m I’m much more concerned with strengthening my immune system right you know that’s what I’m doing do you think we take too many over-the-counter medications and that kills our immune system well for some people they definitely do some people take a lot of antibiotics because my mother would take shoot a fetch you take all that stuff ourselves terrible bad for you yeah well one of the things is ibuprofen Michael yo told me that his one of his buddies who’s a doctor when he was feeling really shitty before they diagnosed him with kovat 19 his doctor said or this doctor who’s a friend of his said take I believe he said take three advil or three three to five I forget what the number was every what is it how many milligrams are they milligrams enough I think he so he told them take three every five hours and he said he immediately got much worse and I’ve heard this from many people now I don’t know if there’s a connection and I’ve read that there isn’t a connection but according to Michael yo that was when it was a tipping point for him when he started taking ibuprofen these non-steroidal anti-inflammatories that stuff is terrible for you France said not to take it France has taken seat of benefit take the other veterans say report on anti malarial that’s right mefloquine downplays side effects see this is the that’s the stuff that that Justin took yeah and he took a huge dose of it and he got really fucked up from that stuff too so um that’s that’s what disturbs me is that things could could it could be a virus that stays somehow or another in your body yeah that’s creepy herpes is a virus right I think so yeah keep that shit for life keep it forever HIV you keep forever so these are yeah yeah well HIV at least your body tests negative are they only testing for the antibodies when we take this test yes okay well they can do the test test if you’d like to test test they not what they know that don’t be scared yeah come on I think it would be funny if people were getting that negative for a corona but then somebody’s like you do have HIV like that would be hilarious yeah for me it would be fine the doctor begs the healthiest thing about you I mean like aids helps you we’d be like this is great AIDS is fighting off the flu have you had the thing done AIDS is like these mind yeah right anything okay I was hoping I had the antibodies but I want the ant is I hope I was hoping that I had caught it I want you guys here then Megan McCain could go to Wu Han eat a pack that would be fun could I fly to China would I be allowed to fly to China if I the antibodies go I’m going to woo him you should do a comedy special as Megan McCain she’s already gonna have me killed so IIIi left her alone she had a pregnancy announcement I’m like I’m not gonna do a joke about that God blast Congrats she hates me do you think she does yes cuz know somebody who knows her well she doesn’t like me you know is what it is I get it it’s fine I don’t get it a lot of the people I’ve made fun of in that sense don’t like okay but you’re not really her okay you’re doing a character that is that is true I agree but people are very sensitive we live in a very sensitive world I guess and I did say she wanted to have sex with her dad yeah but it was funny it’s very funny but part of that I think disturbed her what made her mad what made her mad is it she told a friend of mine she goes I didn’t like that he made fun of my way which is interesting oh that is hilarious I said she had a baby with her dad she didn’t care about that put a wig on saying I’m you it’s not it’s not exactly it’s not you know cause it’s not flattering that’s the word yeah it’s not flattering but this is what comedy rarely is but now in a pandemic everyone’s got like the woke shits got to be over now right on it’s coming back though whoa it’s we’re in a pandemic I understand but the little home with nothing to do from now and then they’re firing into writing articles like this is a gendered crisis well Bill Maher went hard to paint yeah and he was right he was right yeah he was also not totally right cuz he was defending the use of the term Chinese virus but really correctly termed it would be the Wuhan virus yeah but everyone right right everyone knows that it originated in China yes but if but if we called it the Wuhan virus it would be his historically accurate right this racist we’re gonna do hate crimes wouldn’t know if Wu hen was in China like they would be like is ill that’s why I’m saying you’re generalizing an entire continent or okay an entire country at least the enormous country it’s just a subset a small section of it that had the virus well it’s like the examples they used was like Lyme disease came from Lyme Connecticut but if if something came out of Colorado and it was killing everybody Rocky Mountain ticks would they say in China they call it data and China would they say the US flu the American bug I don’t know I mean someone in Chinese I mean there’s it’s a way to generalize it it’s sloppy but listen this is the way it’s been done for years yeah but there’s a clear reason why look Trump first of all they were in heated trade negotiations with China right so he wants to rub it in their face China China yeah hang and he also wants to take attention away from the fact that we were not prepared and knew and everyone knew not only him Nancy Pelosi all of these people even foul Chi all of these guys came out and said this is nothing to worry about but Trump is the president the buck stops with him he could have ordered tests he could have been more vigilant he didn’t do it so I think they were all saying not to worry about it everyone the World Health Organization January the same in January they were saying it does not transmit from person to person yeah but if you listen if you’re skeptical of China and you’re skeptical the W the World Health Organization as he’s very skeptical China well you got a yeah the World Health Organization up until then had not been criticized the way it’s been criticized now of course but you still have to I think if you’re the president you’re in a leadership position you have to be like wait a minute what are we not knowing the CIA wrote him a memo saying this could be a big problem yeah I mean we knew we were watching it happen for two months in another country we’re watching this happen in China and I’m not saying that he could have prevented the pandemic but like dude get the tests give him the New York give him a certain big area so you know have a scale up the testing so what do you think I didn’t scale up the test I don’t think he’s guilty no I didn’t scale up the test I don’t know if it’s first of all is it him but who is he the one who does that he’s the president if he said yeah No like what do you say he should have yes but I didn’t even know what was possible yeah I think he could well first of all you could have the defense production Act which I don’t think he could have invoked that after this happened had to force companies to make certain things right but there was a lot of people that were thinking that this was just gonna be like the flu if the president the United States said we need more tests for this there’s absolute absolutely we would have had more time do you understand they didn’t even have a test yes it’s a novel coronavirus a new thing yeah but there were tests in other countries were being used I mean Germany did this right what does it do they had more testing they’ve had mortality rates they’ve had to cap the mortality rates down they think there’s a bunch of reasons why Germany kept their mortality rate very you know the culture but but here’s the other thing you know rules better Taiwan did it South Korea I mean now they’re having second waves but like up until recently I wanted very few cases just right by China but again a lot of it was testing so I mean I think the China virus issue helps him deflect from any and I mean listen you you can’t go out during a pandemic when nurses wearing garbage bags and falling down to go hey my press conferences are getting the biggest ratings that was the dumbest thing I’ve seen can’t do that I mean that’s crazy no that was just crazy but that’s him he’s a yeah fucking weird guy yeah but he also did shut down travel from China that was good that was he’s more saying he’s a racist well that yeah well Chuck Schumer should be held to account for that yeah yeah they really should because that was the correct thing to do I don’t think you could have prevented this I’m just saying there’s got to be a better system than the one we have where states are like bidding for this equipment like there’s got to be a way and that $1200 stimulus that people get aget is not helping anybody no no but when you say states are bidding what are you talking about I mean states are I don’t think the federal government has the ability or we don’t have the ability to get States equipment so stage like bidding for it there’s something going on with like a lot of states are going outside the systems like secure there which part part of their responsibility is to do but it’s just there’s got to be a better system going forward yeah well they didn’t see this coming I mean in terms of needing ventilators like you go back to November or December nobody thought that three months from now the entire country is gonna be shut down we’re gonna need ventilators everywhere no and we and and and some hospitals may not need ventilators we got a look at a city like New York and you got a look at what’s happening in China and you gotta go there’s a high population density there we should probably try to shore up some of those hospitals yeah I mean otherwise what the hell does you know this is the people who run the hospitals the administration of the hospitals isn’t their responsibility to make sure that they have PPE in place the fact these people were in garbage bags they don’t have enough mass well I don’t think any hospital is prepared for a pandemic so if you’re I don’t think welcoming the gospel I think certain people have to direct them to do that right but when you’re talking about just masks how the fuck don’t they have a large supply of masks on that it’s not that I don’t actually prohibitive I mean that I don’t know I have no idea but they know now but there’s got to be some there’s got to be some responsibility you know either it might be state government it could be local government but there’s got to be some responsibility somebody fucked up somebody fucked up but it’s also a new thing I mean we haven’t had to deal with something like this before well we got h1n1 yet swine flu stop that I don’t know but haven’t really sorry yeah he said he was sick as he’s ever been in constant pain so he couldn’t sleep I don’t remember hearing that much about swine flu just drunk he was probably hammered he probably saw something about swine flu as he was passing out and he’s like I have spat so I have swine flu that’s what I have yeah I don’t know man it’s um I mean all we’re doing is just talking yes is the thing it’s like everybody’s sort of talking around in circles yeah and we’re hoping again I tell people I’m a microbiologist you know now because nobody knows anything so I can know as much as anyone else and the governor wants to shut down this state for another month today’s the 13th another month in two days which is kind of it’s not gonna happen I don’t know if that’ll happen well what do you mean it he’s the governor people are gonna go out I mean people get you know my friend called me the other day cuz hey man you want to come to an Easter thing I’m like wait what he said yeah it’s only like 12 people I’m like I don’t I don’t know each other I’m like you know and then he sent me pictures of it it looked beautiful but you know I was at MIT was in Beverly Hills that man I really later have more debt well I mean hopefully they are you know because I didn’t go sigh hope yeah I I look now and I want to choose who dies I go I’d like them to go who do you choose just friends of mine that I’ve had enough of yes people I could what gets you is it you know what gets me yeah when they lie about how well they did on stage well that’s annoying go that’s it there was a guy in Long Island who used to used to tell us all the time when we were very young at comedy sit in the green room and he would give us a speech about how to do stand-up and they did go on stage and bomb horribly and they need walk offstage and then look at us and he would go they were good you would just walk out like he wasn’t even there some people aren’t even there yeah they don’t even know what’s happening they don’t know if the audience is applauding or not well they put up a shield they put up some sort of psychic shield to protect themselves from reality yeah not good a lot of people are doing that but it’s not the case like those the guys who give the most advice in the green room before they go onstage the ones who suck the most yeah there’s always the horrible no nobody and I was in sales nobody who ever made money gave you advice they just walked by you like you didn’t exist everyone it’s true everybody who’s making money walks by you like you’re not real when when when somebody starts bullshitting like in sales I used to give people advice I would close no deals no money I would literally make no money he’s selling I was selling with subprime mortgages oh boy yeah but but it was good for a while and then the government got involved and ruined that ruin that we’re just trying to help people yeah and you know people deserve homes Joe whether they have jobs or not they deserve to have a pool they were giving people homes with no job that’s the other thing and then everybody goes back and they’re like everybody was you know the the banks robbed all these people it’s like they were in on it everyone was in on it everybody buying a house for the most part knew what they were doing mmm they all knew yeah yeah all the tea would have taken what somebody thought they could pull it off you know call somebody be like hey you know you know you know your brother owns a Toyota dealership in Queens can he say you work there and they go yeah yeah of course some guy would just write like yeah Sarah works here she kills it makes eight grand a month sling a toyotas on Northern Boulevard none of it is true and then we give her a loan for $400,000 she buy a house yeah and she buy a house and then she see those and then what the thing about the the changing of the mortgage payments yeah that’s what two years you would get there was something called to pick a payment option I mean it’s great so there are four options to pay you know usually a mortgage you pay your principal interest taxes and insurance here you had four one was like you could pay one percent like a credit card pay one percent you could pay only interest that was the second option you could pay 30-year regular option or you could panic a 15-year if you really wanted to pay it off quickly nobody paid the fifteen in the thirty very few people did the interest only they did one percent so that deferred interest and it so you would pay your mortgage and it would balloon it would go up like you would pay one percent and your mortgage would go up every year and then eventually you got to a point where then it would just readjust and your mortgage payment would go up like $2,700 and didn’t your mortgage adjust with some of them depending upon the market yeah so like two years into a loan two or three years ago along I had a house I bought a house was 22 this was not smart but when you’re drunk it on cocaine you I sold myself a hot like you’re not supposed to 700,000 what $650,000 yeah well you know that’s a big rule you’re not supposed to scam yourself myself that was you know acre lot going back was deep I thought they were gonna developers we’re gonna sell like I would just stand outside mask poke at cigarettes being like developers are eventually gonna buy up my yard like I was you know on drugs and I thought this was all gonna work out and I had a two-year mortgage and then it ballooned and it went from what it was to like you know it went up like how much you paint a month I think at the beginning it was 4400 in the beginning that was a good payment and then it would like guys yeah it was bad that’s a lot a lot of money inning it’s a lot it was a lot of money yeah to the house yeah I rented the house out what did it balloon to it balloon to like well over six so yeah it was if it were well over six and then that was the first adjustment yeah it was her Tommy – holy 22 and I was working in mortgages I thought it was gonna work out like I thought we were all gonna be okay because everybody I knew was you know 27 years old and they were making $30,000 a month and they were driving like you know Porsche so I said this is just gonna go on forever so at present axes George W Bush said we were building an ownership society you had to make a hundred grand a year just to pay your mortgage yeah after taxes yeah yeah yeah yeah it was it was it was destined to fail but when I look back now it wasn’t smart did they take it from you but I don’t know I just left one day what I just walked out yeah just one day I left I mean you can’t stay whoever’s calling possessed it yeah I would imagine they took Jeff he was 10 years I mean I’m in LA now dressing up as Megan McCain so I would I just got my credit reestablished recently I just got a real good year I just write you as a cosigner on everything I wrote no but it’s it’s 7 yes 7 years before it fell off the credit report I had a buddy of mine who knew that he was going to go bankrupt yes was in the 90s like early 2000s yeah so he decided what he was gonna do was get a bunch of credit cards and run them up like good for him that’s the American dream so what he did was just go to strip clubs yeah and go crazy with his credit cards for months and months and months and never paid anything yes he’s gonna do and then went bankrupt this is smart Trump’s done at a bunch like bankruptcies to move you know I didn’t bankrupt bankrupt his business is dropped he filed chapter whatever chapter let me smart a lot of people do it I’m just a way it’s the way to live you know what’s interesting you can never do that with student loans well student loans because they think that whatever money you make in your life is the direct result of the money they gave you to get that degree even if this is what’s interesting even if you’re not doing anything that has anything to do with that degree they’re like listen fucker we gave you that money so you could be a vet tack so you’re you owe us you wouldn’t be doing your shitty job if not for Sallie Mae I don’t think they even think about it though you don’t think so well then they just thank you let’s talk to you when you’re a kid when you’re your fucking frontal lobe isn’t fully formed yeah and they force a loan on to you yeah you don’t want to be a loser I don’t feel any of those kids I don’t feel bad for any of them no because they could have sold subprime mortgages you know fuck them listen I went to Community College and dropped out I don’t feel bad for anybody who takes $200,000 out and gets a degree in Gender Studies it’s you know fuck them whatever pay it or don’t okay gender studies I hear you yeah but the thing is like the reason why they’re doing in the first place is because they don’t want to be a loser and then they get strapped down with this insane amount of debt that’s true that turns them into a loser well a lot of them aren’t losers a lot of them are just paying back something and it’s annoying right cuz there’s people that are getting their Social Security doc yeah and there’s one there’s he heard a sound blood to pay it back it is bad but I don’t think the majority of them are not because here’s a thing if you buy other things you go bankrupt you don’t have to pay it back right but you have to pay back your student loans no matter what so my advice to those people two-degree hey the student loans and then fuck everything else you know I mean or don’t get a student loan or dope it’s not the fact that it operates under a different rule and it’s the one thing that seems not mandatory but really really really enforced I mean it’s a thing that’s like encouraged by extreme go to college get a degree well don’t you think that’s changing don’t you think people are gonna start to realize it like college in and of itself without a very specific goal is probably and the reason that the student loans are this expensive is because the government backs them right so that’s the whole reason they’re expensive because the government guarantees them the same reason that a lot of health care is expensive it’s like companies know a percentage of it is going to be paid that by the government it’s guaranteed so I think you just gotta kind of decouple the government from a lot of these schools and then schools are like okay we can’t charge 40 grand a year because no one will pay it well I’m hoping is that it’s going to be like like my kids right now or in virtual school interesting their home yeah they’re sitting in front of the computer and the teacher like gives them examples and they talk about things the teacher can see them in little windows zoom whole life is the teacher can click on each individual person see them full screen and ask them about stuff the kids can talk about it they’re in flow it’s right it’s real weird man because yeah here’s the thing you know if you’re paying whatever the fuck you’re paying for um what is a say if you’re going to a real gonna Yale what does that cost a year 70 grand 60 grand something very expensive a lot of these courses are available right now online if you just take a Yale course why no MIT has yeah didn’t Lex Friedman talk about that that the courses are all available online for free interesting so you can go there in person but that seems so retro why do you have to go to a physical place I guess there’s a go social these people don’t have people can’t watch their kids right that’s the big problem it’s really child care like if you look at what schools are it’s a way to get your kid out of your hair for eight or ten hours a day because most people have to go to work they don’t have any they don’t have they can’t afford to pay somebody to watch their kids what do you mean I mean school school for little kids yeah even in high school they learn socially yes it’s not just structured environment it’s also experiencing being around people and learning how to interact with them the weirdest motherfuckers I’ve ever been around we’re homeschooled yeah homeschooling is interested to die who was home-schooled and he’s so fucking awkward and he’s in his 30s yeah he’s just so he doesn’t know how to hang yeah you can’t hang he never learned how to hang he’s no one’s ever fuck with them yeah he doesn’t know he doesn’t know how to deal with people jib and jabbing him and just fucking around with him right no smart guy in terms of like he could rattle off fat why did his parents homeschool religion that’s it part of it it’s a lot of it man most of them deep real Christian stuff yeah yeah auntie VAX to hold a vinegar it’s gonna cure everything we get a trust bill melinda gates you know what the vaccines i mean they’re going all over the third-world sticking a needle and anything I mean those are they are you sure listen you try to help people if it works cause pause what what do you think would be their motive first of all bill Gates literally has 90 billion dollars he’s trying to good things with his money and trying to use his money for philanthropy sure yeah but hold on the idea that these fuckin crackpot conspiracy theories have that Bill Gates is the Antichrist because he wants to get people inoculated from vaccines with vaccines and viruses that he’s somehow or another trying to control people Bill Gates has everything yeah he doesn’t need anything great he’s not trying to get anything more he’s making no attempts to control markets no attempts to get to like a thousand billion dollar percent he’s not doing that by using his foundation to try to help people get get healthy help people get internet yeah help people get running water they have I mean listen they’ve done things in the third world like they’ve they’ve introduced certain vaccines and stuff that have had adverse health consequences for people like what um there’s you can look it up but this has literally happened I mean they’ve been involved with things worse like when you say something like that yeah I want to get sued yeah for the richest man in the world and you’re going to he’s coming after right now I will I will I will gladly get in a high-profile legal battle with Bill Gates right now about vaccines what do you think about vaccines no I think they’re fine for the most part but if he wants to sue me because it’s something I said on a podcast let’s go well what could only help what I’m saying he did no no he went he went I I don’t research these companies but I know for a fact that you know he’s been involved in vaccine things that did not go well where’d you read this I read it cuz its planet sakaar no no I read it this is this is a fact this is a reality you can’t just listen people have vaccines when you’re saying yeah it’s a fact yeah you have to be able to reference what you I don’t if you don’t you don’t really have enough information to say it’s a fact well it’s something that’s been reported and it’s been credibly reply who I mean by what I’m saying no it’s been credibly reported AIDS Foundation accused of dangerously skewing aid priorities by promoting corporate that’s not what we’re asking we’re talking about adverse reactions to vaccinate but but say that a but let me see that article title again what a bizarre title look at this accused of clerk on a please dangerously skewing aid priorities by promoting corporate globalization what does that mean I need quotes around everything everything’s in one umbrella right like his company his his his health initiatives all of these things work together and that you know you have to trust it everybody’s motives are pure I don’t think he’s trying to depopulate the world but you know these people stand to make lots and lots of money if people adopt certain vaccines right or certain things that are you know maybe medically advantageous maybe not make it necessary maybe not yeah there’s definitely an issue when money’s involved with any sort of treatment yeah and this is one of the issues that a lot of the conspiracy theorists bring up when it comes to ventilators that a hospital gets X amount if someone gets brought into intensive care and then they get Y amount if they’re put on a ventilator so they’re saying well there’s a motivation to put people on ventilators yeah perhaps I would hope never but there have been cases of people doing surgery and people that didn’t need it there have been cases of people doing things to people and treatments on people it wasn’t necessary to provide you know something so they wanted to make money and they do things to people just to make money not to make them better that has happened I think there’s something in India if you look at Bill Gates India but I think yeah I’m not making a stop I understand but do you understand what I’m saying that you’re saying something as a fact and you have literally no data I I have that I have the data I just can’t recall the exact name of it that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen but but you don’t know if it happened if you can’t I didn’t go and investigate it and the ADA okay we got contracts for that thank you under fire from critics in India well let’s read it funded two entities that have played a key role in immunization program and are both under fire for conflict of interest okay it doesn’t mean adverse reactions to vaccines 2009 several schools for tribal children Jesus Christ or where does that we say those names the come a man come on now even come on district yeah well just get back in talung Telangana then a part of undivided Andhra Pradesh became sites for observational studies for a cervical cancer vaccine that was administered to thousands of girls so it’s a HPV disease that’s a dangerous vaccine that’s a dangerous vaccine you know those girls are whores okay forget it sorry no the vaccines dangerous yes that HPV there’s people have had adverse reaction to that like a high number the girls were administered by the with administer the human papillomavirus vaccine in three rounds that that you’re under supervision of State Health Department officials the vaccine used was a Gardasil manufactured by merck yeah months later many girls started falling ill and by 2010 five of them died yeah that’s all but that is a I get it that’s a controversial vaccine period I’m just bored it’s good but it’s one of those ones where there’s a high number of adverse reactions estimated 14,000 children studied in schools meant for tribal children were also vaccinated with another band brand of HPV vaccine cervix cervix I like when they like on the nose like that Oh II get cervical cancer yeah we’ll call it server Cervarix manufactured by GSK earlier in the week The Associated Press reported that scores of teenage girls were hospitalized in small town North in northern Colombia with symptoms that parents suspected could be adverse adverse reaction to Gardasil hmm so some people died from this vaccine but it is it Google HPV vaccine dangerous reactions I’ve read that there’s a certain percentage whether it’s you know 110 whatever when there’s some people get when anyone stands to make billions of dollars and institute something that’s going to be very widely accepted as now necessary for life you know you have to ask questions about it according to HPV vaccine manufacturers the most common adverse reactions to Gardasil include include pain swelling redness stinging bruising bleeding of the injection site and headache fever nausea diarrhea abdominal pain and it keeps going it’s not that bad I’m not saying that he’s doing something inherently wrong but you have to watch people like that the fact that nobody knows like nobody knows he’s you know this is not a well-known thing I understand but the idea that this is how he wants to make his money by fax that’s increasingly run by billionaires whom tell us what is it is it necessary and how things are gonna be right that’s true whether they’re in tech whether they’re in health whatever they are these are billionaires generally they give these TED talks and stuff like that people don’t pay attention what they’re doing there they influence the political system in ways that we have in ways that we know about and don’t know about and you gotta watch these people okay I’ve no idea what he wants no we’re talking about a totally different thing and I agree with you see the thing is before 2000 let’s say 2000 no one had any inkling whatsoever that social media was gonna have an impact on political realms on the way you know just language what what sort of discourse was allowed what wasn’t allowed would no one ever thought that that this was gonna make an impact and that these companies would literally earn billions of dollars by selling your data meaning what are you interested in what are you clicking on yeah me going to and that’s what that’s what they’re getting their money from there’s a great podcast that Sam Harris put out I wish I could remember the guest but he was talking about how we didn’t know that our data in terms of our search history the stuff that we go to we’re where we travel to with Google Maps we didn’t know that that data was a commodity right so we signed off on one of the most valuable commodities in the world I think it’s bigger than oil right it’s gigantic yeah and these companies not only do they gather out this commodity but then they use their influence to to influence social aspects of our culture the way we communicate what’s allowed what’s not allowed and that’s that’s squirrely because these people are a lot of more socially attempts I mean all this stuff you were talking about the beginning when you say when they were gonna come to and they’re gonna say you need a card you need this you need that the free flow of travel how you’re allowed to travel around the country in the world a lot of these people whether it’s gates or whoever are going to have a huge input in those laws that are made and they’re gonna think they’re doing it for a good reason of course everybody does everything because they think they’re doing it for a good reason I’m necessarily you know a lot of people do some people I bought my house because I believed it was gonna work I bought it because I believed in homeownership the point is that I just think you have to look into this it’s not my job to have every fact before I speak but not it’s not my job when you talk about Bill Gates and vaccines and things along those lines you probably should if Bill Gates wants to tweet at me and educate me later mmm we can fear the real fear is that they’re practicing with these vaccines on poor people that’s what that’s what they call the school a tribal girls school no tribal tribal girls school what kind of crazy Native Americans I mean Bill Gates wouldn’t be doing that in Bel Air or Beverly Hills you should you know I agree grab kids start grabbing those tick tock errs and fucking put needles in their face those little Beverly Hills kids and some private schools every day those little pieces of shit give me a fucking look cuz they know I shouldn’t be there but it’s close to my house we’re have to walk we’re into walking get air just see other people Beverly Hills is so weird because anybody could just drive through it I know it’s not blocked off I know but I like that but you works like that but you’ll drive by these houses that are worth 30 million dollars yeah look at that yeah it’s right there it’s turning mine ducks I know I can throw a rock but that you know what it is gated communities ruin the fun for people like me that want to just appreciate other people’s wealth you say that until you get rich why can’t I know once you get rich you’ll be living next door to me Iona come over and ask for sugar if I’m allowed it still allows me by the way you would have to vouch for me with a condo board call I’m not the kind of or whatever the people I want to go out and get when I was a little kid we would smoke pot we’d drive around these big areas long and we get inspired and we’d look at big houses and mansions we get inspired how’d that work out for you none of us succeeded the point is it’s nice to see it’s nice to see Christmas lights on a big mansion you shouldn’t be stopped at a cave well what if you’re a fucking psychopath well that’s a problem yeah that’s a problem I don’t want to have to wait in the front of my house with a gun you’re famous it’s different rich people no one’s coming to kill regular rich people do you know would you hear what happened with Sebastian’s cousin who was the exact same name as him listen I don’t want to say do you know what happened yeah but is that is that I talked to Sebastian is it totally random some guy so weird two guys came to his house they rang the doorbell with masks on like yeah fucking kovat masks okay he opened the door art and they rushed the house but his cousin knows how to fight so his cousin beat the fuck out of one of them you could wash it I’ll send you this young doorbell video footage of it beats the fuck out of one of them in the front of the house goes inside and kills the other guy crazy dude you think it’ll a gun the guy had a big how it’s just they just his house yeah yeah the guy they had duct tape they had tasers they had all kinds of shit they were planning on home invading and killing some people Jesus Christ Jesus Christ just random in the middle of the day by the way you gotta have you well ya gotta have guns and likes and answered the doorbell because he thought it was his gardener coming back cuz the gardener was there and then the doorbell rang and he assumed it was his gardener coming back right and the guy is the same name as Sebastian but if we yeah but then we’ll put gates everywhere then everyone’s gonna have a gate I mean it’s just one day I mean that’s an example well I’m just saying that sometimes people’s houses get broken into and this is one thing that you have to think about really think about yeah with this economy going into the fucking toilet it’s gonna be bad it’s going to be bad 30 percent they said on a plus 60 million people filed unemployment claims it’s gonna get rough well also the businesses hasn’t even haven’t even shut down yet the presences that can’t get out of this yeah haven’t even realized they can’t get out of this yet right some of them have but I think a large percentage of them are still trying to keep it together yeah we don’t know so when they go under all the people that were working for them go under it’s gonna be very bad I’ve an apartment on the first floor with a don’t sell any but a sliding glass door sighs why do I want people to come in here come on I want people to kill me Wow no I’m kidding I want them to just come in and gate that’s gonna kill you to do podcast and stick HIV vaccine I have a concern for the tribal girls in India I apologize I’m sorry about that I’m sorry I haven’t forgotten the tribal women in India who knows if it was law Robinson set me Baba these are good girls and that yes they’re whores and yes have HPV right well they’re just keeping them from getting it from dirty people like you I support tribal whores the point is this I was worried about getting robbed as anyone because desperate criminals will rot me good criminals will rob you or try desperate people will rob me well people are gonna rob because they need money you know we’re in a weird place where the look if you’re in Brazil Brazil is a good example you have a lot of haves and a lot of have-nots and if when you go there one of the things you see is barbed wire around people’s houses and long like tall fences and walls and then crates of water on top of it and then above that in the favelas you see houses with no windows and dirt floors it’s crazy Wow and they come down from the favela AAB the rich people and go back up Wow and the economy crashes the crime rises radically so Brazil was doing really well for a while and then went to shit and so they’re in a bad place now and the crime is really ridden I should get a gun my oh yeah for sure yeah but my jujitsu instructor won’t even go he’s from Rio he won’t even go back to Rio it’s really it’s too dangerous kid now if they know you’re American or live here they might kidnap you could I get money well when I used to do the UFC down there it was fine it hadn’t gotten that bad yet look Brazil’s great there’s a lot of great things that Brazil the food there is fantastic you ever had brazilians amazing there’s a steak houses and all that’s great yeah yeah I mean it’s in the fucking views it’s like you think we’re sliding into that do you think there’s a chance America’s sliding into one of those countries where is this economic collapse gonna be too much do you think you know no yet no one knows this is what’s interesting about this in a bad way yeah it’s like mmm who knows man who knows you know it’s all weird it’s all weird because we’re in uncharted territory we’ve never in the history of this country had a month where everybody was locked down and stayed inside there was some lockdowns apparently in 1918 during the Spanish flu but that was you know it’s hard to know what the difference was between then and you know when they were locked down with whether they wore masks you know I got to go back and I know at least for the last 100 years there’s been nothing like this so we don’t really know what the fuck we’re talking about we also don’t know what’s gonna happen when they when they fling open the barn doors and say quarantine is over sure our peas open in the cloud yeah and China people are catching it again I mean it’s there were second waves yeah Wow I mean I don’t know I mean I I tend to think that people you know they did a study in Ohio Ohio didn’t have and I have the fax Ohio Ohio you could look it up they didn’t officially close restaurants for the 25th but for the ten days prior to that 10 to 15 days prior foot traffic it dropped 50% so people didn’t need an order or a law saying not to go out they were scared they were scared I went out on the Ford Jonathan I went on the 14th I ma eat at this restaurant in Venice Felix my favorite restaurant yeah and it was still pretty crowded I was fine yeah my wife really disliked who I’m trying to let one of the last places I was in was a Comedy Store on that Monday night and I did an hour spot and I was making fun of the virus I was making fun of it I said that like the God there was an Asian lady on my plane she caught that we all beat the shit out of her and everyone was laughing and it was fun sounds racist Annie what well it was and it was funny and those are often day dovetail they dove tell that’s what it is you know isms are funny you know yeah and then then I got off stage and the Asians loved it they were laugh and we all laugh because nobody thought this was gonna happen well also many others don’t you really beat the fuck out of anybody no no of course that’s what comedy is so they you know people in the room know that you know if somebody written about it they would have been like this is inappropriate well that following Friday I was supposed to do a show in the main room no not Friday Thursday and they called me up and said we are going to shut down the main room I’m supposed to do two shows we shut down the main room and canceled your shows and we’re only gonna open the or because the governor has asked that groups of more than 200 people yeah should be banned such a weird arbitrary number but they were just trying to do anything they could to think about this when you talk about how Trump should have known better this was our own government was very conservative now about this not not conservative obviously liberal but conservative about the moves that we make and this was in the beginning of Martin the middle of March in fact they were still saying groups of two hundred people in March so this is all fucking touch-and-go and today I don’t think it’s helping anybody all this fucking pointing the finger and blaming this no but I think you mean that no but you do have to look at a system ago we weren’t prepared yeah we should have been better prepared right weak against Trump to get rid of a pandemic team which I get it if I had been President I probably would’ve gotten rid of them too dr. sock scientists suck so Trump was like get him out of here he did get rid of that team then was that his call well it’s his government when did he do that I’m sure he signed off on him I’m hearing that there was something where they did shut down the pandemic yeah office but I don’t know the facts but I do know that they reopened this they had a virus hunting organization that literally their their their job is to hunt viruses to find out where viruses are coming from and they just funded the shit out of them I mean that sounds like a fun reality show virus hunters like this is we’re dealing with one version of this yeah this could get worse this could be a new one next year that could get another one the year could just be our new reality just pandemic after pandemic yeah whenever it’s civil unrest starts happening in the streets they just go here’s a new pandemic well probably number two the problem is when you get large groups of people you’re gonna have large groups of people that need food yeah and then you have factory farming so factory farming is the cause of a lot of these pandemics and then this fucking wet market is real similar in that regard this is in a big diseases jump the vegans are kind of this is this is a decent time right to have their own immune systems right they’re making that they’re making that vegan point they’re they’re not know in terms of like a calculation no but who’s got the best point is the regenerative farming people okay though the Joel Salatin people that have figured out a way not only to sequester carbon but actually they’re taking carbon out of the air and reintroducing all these ancient farming methods where they’re moving cows around at different plots and you know are the wet markets factory farming now that seems pretty independent no it’s not factory farming but as animals in confinement we’re surrounded by other animals living in these unnatural environments that’s what it is well what mark is a foul can you avoid that when you got a feed a population like that well osterholm yeah you can feed him bugs osterholm had a whole he was the guy that scared the fuck out of everybody when he came on my podcast but terrified maze a whole section in his book that he wrote from yeah years ago from 2017 about wet markets and now the next pandemics gonna come out of wet market so we got a shot up we got to try to persuade China to shut them down they’re not going to you know what they did say they’re taking dogs off the livestock listing like yay good what about bats get the bats out of there but I mean it’s almost like they’re throwing people a bone okay we’re gonna we’re gonna no dogs we’re gonna stop considering dogs livestock oh but also they’re not they’re definitely not well neither you know but they eat them right we pigs I don’t judge that because they need to eat right so if I was really hungry and I had to eat a dog I would eat a dog I mean these are just things that we would have to do it’s easy for me to say but that’s it’s a lot more normal to eat a dog than to do what they do in Manhattan which just put them in strollers and pretend they’re children yeah that’s a little freakier to me than a wet market is seeing like two 30 year-olds walking down the block with a fucking Chihuahua in in a bassinet you know yeah of course all over New York dude really yeah people in strollers I’m a dog mom here’s my monster yeah crazy and then they put the dogs they dressed him up they put them in strollers and they stroll them down the street that is more grotesque than a well-run wet market when I see that and someone’s Instagram handle dog mom I’m like Oh spits bad porkchop those are female like in cells those are the that’s corny he said those are female in cells they are the people like oh they’re the other side of the dudes where they just sit at home every night and get drunk and they’re like I’m a grandma I’m such a grandma but they’re yeah just do the worst at comedy shows cuz they’re always offended they’re always white always white women offended then what was part of this show they’re always liberal and then after they heckle you all night they come out and they tell you how great you are they’re like you’re a god you’re okay it’s disgusting yeah it’s bad there were some of them I remember I think Eliza was gonna be at the store and a lot of her fans were there and they’re you know and then she didn’t show up so then I came out so it was a real culture shock because it’s they’re expecting like Eliza and then I walked out and like you could see like a lot because the first three rows are all hot white chicks and then they looked at me like what the fuck Eliza go what is this I had something else to do something better to me huh yeah so then they just called me and I just hopped out of an uber and then there was a lot of disappointed a lot of disappointed Instagram models there I came out and started yelling about the Clintons killing people they were like this is not the show we wanted we did not want this fucking this the lady who said that uh Biden did something to her now she’s saying it was sexual assault yeah well they’re gonna dig it if they’re smart they’re gonna they’re gonna they’re gonna swap by now well he’s kind of a meatball but he’s a better candidate than Biden but this shows the hypocrisy of liberals that they’re not coming after him they want Shawn they want him to be the representative of the Democratic Party here’s the thing they are right now they were wrong before like that here’s why they’re right now and they were wrong before anybody could comment anybody with an allegation anybody could come at any how high-profile when you say believe all women you have to live by them you got to believe Amber Heard you got to believe everybody yeah you gotta believe everybody seen all this Johnny Depp shit I saw a little bit of it yeah Jesus Christ there’s audio tape yeah where she’s talking about hitting him yeah and then there’s a new video where it shows his severed finger she threw a fucking vodka bottle on it she was the slight tip of his finger literally these pictures of the finger and there’s the audio recordings of the doctor looking for the fingertip they’re looking for the tip they can’t find the tip like where’s the fucking fingertip and they ruin that oh my God look at the blood and you can hear them talking and she’s like violently sobbing in the background so they decided to give her three times whatever antipsychotic medicine there aren’t that she’s on so she’s on this this dose they decided to jack it up to 3x whatever the doses but meanwhile this is the land that had him me to Dan while saying that he beat her and leave had a mark on her face leave all women well that’s the whole thing so the Democrats are now reaping what they’ve sown in the sense that anybody can can approach some you know the press with an unsubstantiated allegation about somebody who’s high-profile I mean I understand that women aren’t just willy-nilly lying about stuff but the picture changes when there’s somebody who is a politically divisive high-profile figure where there is a huge incentive to knock that person off right there’s a huge incentive whether it’s Brett Kavanaugh whether it’s Joe Biden there’s a huge incentive to derail that person so I think in that instance because I do believe that like most women are not just making things up that being said when you introduce politics there’s a whole nother level it’s a whole nother layer well for sure I mean the audience agencies could be doing this to know you know that could yeah I mean I’m not saying this woman who actually worked for Biden’s campaign was a foreign intelligence agent we have no what I’m saying is that for sure men have sexually assaulted women also for sure women have lied about being sexually assaulted those two things are they they’re not mutually exclusive they go hand-in-hand right people are liars the people lie about the past hundred percent people also are delusional people are also psychotic and schizophrenic yeah all sorts of things are going on but this when you say believe all women that is a crazy thing to say but that’s like saying believe all people correct it’s the same thing I can’t just so what are you doing you believe the liars – do you believe murderers do you have people that are trying to get out of jail you believe rapists you can’t believe all people right you also can’t believe all men well you also can’t believe all women that’s crazy talk do you believe Casey Anthony no of course what I do know I’m kidding she’s the one that I’d make an exception for she’s like a good kid humans are individuals and some people are fucking crazy yeah I mean so he’s I don’t know man but I think the bigger problem with him is he’s he is in some stage of dementia dementia I want to present he’s unwell there’s something he’s unwell I see he’s a folder either that or he may be just as bad he folds under pressure he’s getting close to the finish line he’s just bumbling all his words and choking and forgetting what he’s talking about I don’t think it’s that I think something’s wrong because you know why there it seems like it’s degenerative like it seems like it’s gotten it’s getting worse so that’s why I think something’s wrong 100% yeah also he’s old as fuck yeah also he looks bad right doesn’t look like a healthy guy no a second this weird lady Gaga thing today with him and Lady Gaga where he’s talking about how no one should ever put their hand on a woman who and I’m watching this with because I guess Lady Gaga was sexually assaulted but who the fuck is ever going to watch that and say you know what I was gonna put my hand on a woman but now I’m not gonna go back to that she looks like Hillary go panicked on a story about it oh okay she has a Hillary haircut interesting move yeah look at it again it’s actually old because it’s it’s from 2017 Oh kind of looks a little I was just coming out now I guess people are throwing it around now – what were they saying I don’t know nonsense but here’s the thing the they were saying no one should ever put their hand on a woman of course they shouldn’t of course but if you’re thinking about hitting a woman and Joe Biden is what keeps you from doing it like what what I understand the logic that’s it odd I guess maybe if you’re a woman who’s being abused it could perhaps encourage you to go to the authorities right we couldn’t perhaps I mean right but I would imagine but by saying by him saying no man should ever put his hands on a woman who the fuck thinks they should who’s like they’d not disagree man she just beat the fuck out of once I keep him in line somebody saying somebody said once it’s like when somebody goes hey I’m pro-family it’s like that’s a controversial position you know I’m Pro fam right but all these public service announcements all that kind of shit it’s like okay who are you doing that for yeah like who’s out there going I was about to rape but then I saw Joe Biden and he’s like don’t rape much he’s got a yeah he’s good and I just respect them statesmen do what I do well it’s just that that’s part of why nobody believes anything and nobody trusts anybody right that’s part of why these guys that are online are they go hard in the paint with conspiracies because these are buffoons like the people that we have ruling us have been exposed as like creations right now these people everything they say scripted you know all of them are are in the pocket of big business interests and like and and these people have been exposed so now we don’t believe anything we don’t believe the media the media said the Covington kids were you know harassing this Native American guy it turns out was completely wrong right completely the other way around so you don’t believe the media and you don’t believe the politician so it’s like gives you no one to believe how much those Covington kids get they got a lot right or no I don’t know don’t know I don’t know I think it was I didn’t look at the legal transcript I want to get bring one of them kids on yeah well you gotta get the main one the kid who smiled yeah that is mine that that kid should get a medal of honor for his composure yeah he didn’t do anything wrong I walks in his face and starts beating a drum did we lose from us a child my god that guy I would have sold that guy house that Native American I would have you’d be living in a townhouse right now but yeah I mean but again so that’s an example of the media clearly lying not even being wrong no manufacturing news well they definitely distorted the facts well they manufactured it you know so well it was not what they said it was right it was we had an image the image was a smiling kid with a maggot hat with a Native American guy and his face from there they extrapolated something it didn’t happen we assumed because that image that the kid got in the face of the Native American man well it’s their job to do do some investigation and do report it do their due diligence that a thin air with a kid approached the native guy and they were all chanting they were doing a school chant they weren’t chanting fuck the Native Americans they were doing a school chant and the media went in there and just blew it out of proportion apparently also in Washington DC around that area you could buy maggots everywhere right so it’s like there are these stands set up you know I get kids well yeah if you don’t know what they’re doing yeah it’s like if you’re going somewhere and fill-in-the-blank you know beads everywhere right yeah well this area they have maggots yeah people selling shit yeah so they went over and they bought these hats because they’re dorks cuz yeah meanwhile you and I would have probably done the same thing worse I would have absolutely done the same thing yeah if we thought it was controversial to wear a maggot we’re probably wearing mag absolutely yeah especially if you’re 16 you don’t know what the fuck you’re well they also listen they’re allowed to support the President or from Kentucky they go to some Christian school it’s probably wacky but they went for some pro-life March that’s what it was or it was a pro-life March and they show up to this thing and and it’s just it’s an it’s an indication for us because sometimes I’ll be on Twitter and I get really frustrated because people are like this far is just fake and who you know how do you believe CNN and I’m like okay guys listen to things not fake you know but then the reality is they’ve seen so many instances of the media either embellishing or manufacturing it’s hard to get mad at people that are Dennis especially it’s hard to get mad when the Jeffrey Epstein story goes away and no one cares anymore that the biggest political scandal of our lifetime goes away when no one cares about any of that anymore people get very you know they get very cynical about the information that’s out there yes and I go to war conspiracy people all the time because they’re like no this is you know but the reality is I can’t fault them for believing in this stuff because there’s so much out there you know we’re in the no man’s land of logic well it’s also when people have these preconceived notions that they’re clinging to despite the evidence you know like whether it’s either either the seth rich murder likes nothing to see here nothing to see here right no it’s not not like a guy was working for the dnc yeah and a guy who gave information of course WikiLeaks have information to WikiLeaks and was shot and killed we kept they didn’t touch his wallet or his credit cards yeah or his cell phone yeah yeah I mean nothing to see here well it’s just one when you dismiss all conspiracies it’s the same thing as believing all conspiracies yeah when you dismiss ones that you like hmm well you know and the the anybody see it got to the Jeffrey Epstein one where everybody was like everybody was like wait what yeah that was one slow people down I mean the fucking physical evidence a Michael Baden report where he said there’s not consistent with someone hanging yes is consistent with someone getting strangled from the back yeah that’s why when i we you know with the queue and on stuff with Eddie or Sam or any of those people it’s like I some of it is probably true there are like a lot of hot like very powerful pedophiles doing horrible things but then from there they’ve extrapolated it to go into this whole story which I don’t know if I don’t it doesn’t seem like it’s true there’s no evidence well I don’t know the Qun on story but I know that every time someone starts talking about my eyes glaze over and why well cuz you get it’s like religion you got to trust I mean it’s all they all say trust the plan so they say that there’s there’s the secret people within the the in the intelligence community that are giving us information and then with that information we got a piece together what’s really going but it’s all about these child pornography or child pedophilia it’s all about these things which do exist they hundred-percent exist the problem is these people believe that Trump is fighting them in a shadow intelligence war I don’t know if that’s the case right I don’t know if that’s the case if it was does he have the time if you’re right bet I’m sorry how does he have the time to shut down the borders get the ventilators get them well that’s what they believe the virus was a cover to go arrest all the pedophiles and that they they were freeing kids that were kept in tunnels I don’t know why need to keep kids in tunnels but again you got to take them at their word I need to spark a joint I can’t hear you anymore you know you hurt my head all I did was come on the show trying to advocate for girls in India and protect them for Bible protect tribal girls from the Bill Gates Needle and Joe comes where are your facts is that where am i how insane is it that I need to know my fast before I make a statement on a show that’s being watched by millions of people yeah especially with the Qun on stuff it’s 20/20 the world’s over I’m gonna say what I feel is right I can say what I want to say it doesn’t matter anymore give me a prediction Bob 20 21 mid 20 21 August of 2021 Trump’s winning again that’s that’s not even that doesn’t count you know a friend of mine sent me this it’s really kind of an interesting theory he said if you look at whenever there’s a an incumbent that’s running for re-election the the Democrats always throw someone lame against him interesting makes you think it’s a unit party makes you think it’s not real well it’s also that they don’t want to waste anybody well it’s also like think about yeah Buddha judge and Chloe Bashar lived give got real potential but it’s actually with a couple of years of seasoning yeah sure if if Buddha judge can you know he was the mayor he abandoned that position because it wasn’t worthy of him right and then he moved well the CIA told him it was time to run for president whatever it’s that one point absolutely hundred percent he one of his mentor’s is a guy named Doug something and people to judge was a you know he was in the military but he barely did anything he’s always posing with his rifle it’s strange and again he’s just listen do you think he’s really good huh yes probably maybe yeah he seems gay though he also seems like he’s this yang you have to ask yourself when the biggest companies in the world and the biggest billionaire start lining up behind the mayor of a small Indiana town something’s going on yeah same thing when it was the governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton something’s going on I have a friend who is pretty deep in that world yes deeply distrust that guy of course he’s like I do not trust a word that guys know what somebody said to me once you’re gonna love this quote he said the dangerous people aren’t the guys that were born rich the danger he was they are dangerous because the most dangerous people are the guys like Budaj edge who will do anything they come from outside and he goes there just it’s raw ambition they’ll do anything to get where they’re going those people are more terrifying than the Kennedys or bushes who were born you know and those families are murder and that’s where I’ve seen is to come along come on the low come on in you’re gonna get in with all the tight people Jeffrey Epstein associate Kasim Maxwell sues his estate I’m good for her cause she lost him seeking to recoup legal fees to defend herself against Epstein related allegations oh Jesus yeah she didn’t know anything about there of course not how could she know anything she was within 24/7 she was taking advantage and I believe her I believe all women I believe I believe just Lane she’s a woman is she she’s probably in Israel oh look a complaint filed the Superior Court of the US Virgin Islands oh that’s where she is I think she’s a virgin islands she’s being taken care of by the Mossad you think so yeah it was a Mossad up supposedly right yeah I mean I don’t have a exact on that but I I trust my sources yeah you have sources I told you some stuff about that of course is crazy crazy he’s Dana White gonna buy that island and do fight he’s gonna do yeah fights are gonna be on fuck Island gonna take place after that temple you’re gonna hang a goat by its ankles yeah and slice its neck yeah she’s gonna eat it in this country symbolize the start of yeah the proceedings it’s it’s crazy man but I think we’re in this weird dystopian future where you don’t know what to believe yeah well we’re we’re definitely there we’re not there and that’s gonna sure in mind control by virtue of software that allows you to read each other’s thoughts Wow that’s what’s gonna we’ll think there’s only one way to tell for sure we all take the implant put it on the side of her head yeah can’t go outside where’s your implant yeah they get to put bio chips under your skin they’re gonna tell all that cool headbands you know yeah cool headbands that you were there their style it’s also like at a certain point maybe that’s just what we have to do because you know what else we doing in this country go it going to buffets and you know eating fried chicken and selling each other hand grenades you taking cruises think I mean think of foam that’s right I mean how often do you see people walking around and they just have this thing in their hand yeah there they go and we just think of it as no big deal it’s gonna be in your head soon yeah but you know but go back 25 years ago that was not the case you didn’t see people walking around with phones right didn’t walk everywhere with a phone in their hand no but now it’s a normal part of life yeah a normal part of life will be you’re gonna wear this thing it’s gonna be on the side of your head and if you’re lying it’ll be red that’s creepy because I love to lie what do you lie about my I mean everything hi how are you good to see you it’s so funny so funny so funny so good it’s so good yeah so good we all lie a little bit if you’re not lying you’re wasting if I’m not lying it means I don’t care or you’re wasting a lot of time didn’t show up to dr. Drew once I I didn’t I’ve totally forgot I went to the beach like an idiot right I I was at the Trump Golf Course at Palos Verdes I get an email from the book of your mom’s house and I said are you finding parking okay I panicked that’s why I didn’t know what to do so I should forget totally totally forgot totally forgot they didn’t send a reminder which they don’t have to I’m an adult totally forgot was in the Trump so I said okay what Trump so I said listen my mother is sick she’s on her deathbed I started flying all about this line yeah I’ve told it I talked about it with onigiris and I said I said my mother is on her deathbed I have to fly to New York I’m so sorry ten minutes later I realized there’s a picture of me on Instagram at the beach and you know Manhattan Beach but why did I lie because I cared I was embarrassed that I didn’t go so the lie was because I cared if I didn’t lie if I just emailed them and went oh sorry fuck sorry I did forgot that would mean I didn’t care because you mean you’re a comic can you forget about things I know but sometimes you gotta lie to show people you care about them hmm what’s a good way to think about it it’s a pretty good way to think about it that’s the way the government thinks they’re like we lie about you to prove that we care really yeah guaranteed yeah I think oh people can’t know this they cannot handle the truth like what any salience all of it have you read that book chaos about Manson the Manson Family I see I’ve read some of it yeah it’s Fitzsimmons his buddy yeah it’s very there’s gonna be interest we’ll all of that stuff in the CIA what was going on in Laurel Canyon is crazy there was this guy wrote a book Dave McGowan and he wrote a book called weird scenes inside the canyon and it’s all about this weird overlap between like this burgeoning music scene and a lot of like intelligence things in LSD Timothy Leary all these things that were happening in the Haight Ashbury and Laurel Canyon like where they were you know you know running operations experimenting these mind-control drugs on all these different people and like cozying up to weird cults and it was very strange through the books about yeah I’m in chapter 8 now it’s really wild it keeps getting crazier and crazier well once they get deeper and deeper into the CIA mind control ops MK and what what they were actually doing and what they were allowing they were like literally letting people free they were telling people at one of the murder trials to never bring up Charles Manson don’t talk about like he was the the prosecuting judge or the judge rather was being told to ignore evidence about Manson don’t bring up my shooting attorney don’t bring up man they were being told to not bring up Manson because the CIA was studying human behavior and in order to do that they had to get in bed with some very you know nefarious characters people that we’re not just studying behavior they were trying to get rid of the hippies they were trying to disband the hippies and they were trying to use people like the Manson Family to attack people that were in black rights movements and civil rights movements they’re trying to destabilize a lot of the the anti-war movement position groups they were also trying to like create a Manchurian Candidate see if they could wipe somebody’s mind clean and control them yeah you know a lot of those mind-control experiments went went back to you know Operation Paperclip where you had you know scientists that were in Germany doing these really harrowing experiments on people we brought them all to America after this and they continued a lot of those experiments here you know talking about operation too much until the whole thing is like did it ever stop that’s the interesting part of course we never stop her is it still going on right now why would they stop why of course why would it stop why would they I mean when you go to Operation Northwoods and you find out that the Joint Chiefs of Staff had already signed a document saying that they’re down with blowing up a jet airliner and blaming it on can’t blow up a boat using Cuban friendlies arming them to attack want Onam obey crazy they’re like if we could do this in 1960 if they were doing that in the early 1960s yeah what everything evolves right there anything evolves yeah why wouldn’t that evolve it’s interesting you and you wonder what are our you know our the are some of the things our apps you know the new mind control like who do they look at an app and see the way people are behaving well that’s why the government’s telling you to get off a tick-tock right and Google won’t allow people to have tick-tock on their phone it’s a Chinese yeah there’s other things oom they’re saying that Google saying don’t don’t have zoom on your computer if you work at Google interesting well kazoom collects I think a lot of data from your phone or something like that like it collects everything I don’t understand compromised there’s there’s certain security problems with the application and that the president of the company that created it said they fucked up the CEO said they fucked up that there’s been some fuck-ups I just don’t think that they expected this many people to start using it that quickly and I think a scaled-up because of the pandemic everybody was like what the fuck I didn’t use it they were gonna do a call an Easter call and they were gonna put 20 people on it my family and my little cousins like do you want to come on this I’m like dude let’s stop and then he told me it was hard it’s 20 people we got elderly people on there who don’t know what’s going on they just being told to look into a phone they have no idea what’s happening there’s 20 people half of them a drunk in their home they haven’t seen the outside in a month and they’re all screaming over each other it’s like yeah this isn’t a good use of anyone’s time no when also they’re doing these comedy things did you see the one with Christ with Bert and Sandler no that’s what probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen yeah that’s when Bert said he called it yeah yeah yeah I saw that he has no idea what Sandler’s done he didn’t even know Sandler apparently was a comedian he thought saying there was like a fucking call happy gilmore eco happy Madison or something yeah then he said I’m gonna watch jus like he not on catch MC said what precious gems or something yeah precious gems yeah that’s didn’t know uncut gems and also he asked him if you were to film one movie for the rooster life what would it be he’s like my on like morning TV and I just was it if Burt was trolling I thought Burt was doing this on purpose yeah because it was brilliant you know certain things right go I think he might be a genius because he does certain things I’m like did he do that to just get that level of no okay trust that’s just Burt when he’s not drunk Burt’s not drunk he doesn’t even know what reality is why is his air feel so weird it’s like why is the sky blue he doesn’t know what the fuck life is but he’s very smart in terms of like savvy marketing he’s good well he’s relentless he’s relentless yeah yeah he’s he knows a lot about that stuff so something’s a lot about being relentless yeah sometimes I’ll see something he does and I’m like that’s smart well he makes good little video promo yeah specials and right that he’s good at that yeah yeah he’s good at self-promotion it’s very true so I didn’t know if that was real I didn’t know if he was really asking Adam Sandler he had Netflix and I said that seems odd to ask some but if they have Netflix when he’s made movies for Netflix fucking somebody is he doing that as a as it bit I’m like oh good job no he doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’s making noises with his mouth and then trying to like figure out what they are in real time that’s what it is I mean yeah that should never be not drunk alright wait a minute you’re flipping on this because she’s never be sober yeah she’d be drunk all the time okay entry she just be drunk he’s like he’s amazing when he’s plenty strong if he’s talking publicly but actually we did a podcast the other day he wasn’t drunk for the beginning and then we started drinking and then we started smoking a little weed let’s come on that’s just here you go he said that he had been sober the entire quarantine except for that one day is he worried about karana oh yeah he should be he’s on high blood pressure medication I’m in a lot of song I’m a bigger guy I don’t know if that’s gonna be a proper you know Joey’s a bit like oh you know I mean I don’t know how much that matters but it’s gonna be good it’s good it definitely matters it matters for your immune system yeah you know are you taking any CBD do you take CBD at all no but if I could take CBD that wouldn’t give me hikes I’m sober so if I know this yeah yeah yeah CBD md has is that good for the immune system yes this actually won’t try this this is uh what is it kill cliff with 25 milligrams of CBD not a lot that’s coffee I don’t really drink I don’t know no there’s no caffeine what is it no it’s just I’ll taste delicious I’ll just drink the whole show what is the what is the best thing you could do for your mute system if you don’t want vitamin C vitamin C take a lot of vitamin C’s but particularly I like taking it though yeah because it ensures you’re gonna get a specific amount of it I take 4,000 I use of vitamin D every day as well okay I think that’s that’s really good I just started like a regiment of vitamins yeah yeah I take this I own every day that I take I’m gonna take a packet of vitamins every day did you when you took the test were you like hair wanna you you would wanted the antibodies or you were just like I don’t want any karana I would like to know that I had it and it bounced right off my immune system you know yes the thing is I asked okay does this mean I was not exposed to it he goes no he goes it’s possible that you were exposed to it but your immune system fought it off before it ever got to your bloodstream with this antibody test means is that was in your bloodstream and your body fought it off interest oh there it never got into my bloodstream but he said it does not mean you weren’t in contact with it cuz when I came back I came back from Vancouver and I was sick and then they diagnosed it as strap but they also said that’s a common co-infection and a lot will come early March March 3rd oh I think I’ll find out in a couple hours I think I think I had it I think I had it I beat it really I think I had it I beat it if I find out and of course I didn’t and they’re gonna tell me no they’re gonna say you don’t have it but if I have those antibodies I mean it’s just gonna be buck wild there’s a gum just gonna get on a plane and go to New York did I send you the video gaion Thunderfoot that guy from youtube yes yeah he’s a I think he’s a chemist and he’s worked at CERN really really intelligent interesting job he’s making these YouTube videos on kovat 19 and how really how dangerous it actually is and his estimates are that if we opened up everything you could get death rates as high as 300 thousand a day yeah which is like what yeah that’s crazy that would collapse the system right I mean we could Jamie that’s the council to reopen America I feel comfortable yo I feel comfortable woah woah woah Kushner’s on the council yeah come on these are his kids how is that how is that not disgusting well this is part of the problem with his administration even his conservative fans don’t like this well there’s seven people and two of them are in his family like even Ann Coulter has said listen this is not what anyone signed up for giving your kids jobs that is so crazy that he’s taking this girl who’s like 30 years old and her goofy husband and that is those are these guys health people they’re all financial people right or any of these any of these people have anything to do with health I don’t know who’s larry larry cudlow is an economic adviser he was like a big Coquette in the eighties what about he was awesome I mean he’s fun yeah yeah there’s this slide there’s things in a book about him doing coke Bill Gates is trying to kill everyone anyway moving on and Wilbur what about Wilbur Wilbur Ross is the commerce secretary right I mean I don’t know he looks like he is a demon who’s eating children officials I mean look at his face look at his face and he Tommy he’s not eating a child in the woods maybe saris right he’s like yeah outsider mark Meadows looks like he’s being blackmailed currently yeah yeah what do they blackmail mark for I guess in a fictitious world this is just women tie him up and shit on him shit in his mouth or on his chest they tie him up in in in in in the bedroom of a rich girl yeah they probably hit him and he tells them to take video yeah yeah he calls them up because I can’t believe you have that video maybe a little find a copy too they call him optical give me money give some money yeah that’s happening there a minuchin yeah he could sue me if he doesn’t like my new shouldn´t do you think his wife fuck someone gloves on I don’t think anyone fucks him I think Manutius got a hot wife though he probably does you have a lot of money you get a hot wife you know a lot of those guys a lot of these guys do that’s how they get money right they get money so they can have a hot one the whole point otherwise why would you get a lot of money Thailand or a hot wife but like if you really had billions and billions of dollars and you didn’t have a hot wife like what are you doing with all that money fucking a lot of different hot women on the side yeah keep them quiet yeah yeah I mean that’s part of it right how much you got to give them to keep them quiet a lot not a lot no but what keeps this here’s the thing with a lot of these guys that are just money people like what keeps them working it’s the same thing that’s what keeps us too and stand up it’s just the desire yeah I think it’s just a desire to be good or great at something and just continually do something and get better and better at they want to make more and more money there’s an endless you can never be that like stand-up is great because you can never you never feel like you’ve mastered it right and and I think money’s great because there’s always more and more to get so these guys that get so it’s a way for type-a personalities to just throw themselves into something that they’ll never fully master you know they’re addicted you get addicted to it we all get addicted so it’s just it’s a game they’re constantly playing and they’re always looking to be in the black yeah I mean I know some guys at work isn’t very successful guys and it’s just like it’s it’s akin to a religious experience that’s how they feel the most alive when they’re winning when they’re winning they feel the most alive like we feel really good on stage that’s where we feel alive because we feel really good creating right creating when you have a bit like this when you put a bit a bit or a video clip like they’re making McCain yeah anything yeah those things you’re creating and once it launches you’re like haha we did it yeah we gave birth we we did a thing that was creative and funny and that’s why podcasting now thank gods I don’t know what the fuck I would do if I wasn’t making these little videos and podcasting I don’t know what I would do I mean this has got to go somewhere unless you’re right I will get sued these poor Fox that don’t have podcast yeah well a lot of people that I’ve sympathy for them they kind of convey thought that the stage was a constant mmm and a lot of people believe that every was like nobody could take away your stand-up you like bill burr was like it can’t take away your standup or your podcast everyone everyone believed that and then you never thought about a fuckin pandemic you never thought that like one day it would be illegal to gather how long are you gonna wait before you take the Bill Gates vaccine you know I will I’ll think about listen I’m pretty confident trouble I’ve beaten this and I have antibodies so I don’t know that I need the back to find out I think I have it I’m gonna talk big because I think I beat it but what happens after an hour and a half of it comes back like nope I will say the tester I will say the test is faulty I will not believe the test no I will take the gates vaccine my concern is for the tribal women yeah I will do a microchip in that this is what we got a watch this is what we got a watch we have to watch these people tech people scare me a lot more than financial people because financial people are crooks you can see him coming a mile away tech people think they’re doing stuff for the greater good then it’s they’re more cult leaders it’s very dangerous when you have all these people that are supposedly altruistic and they’re they have all of these you know and they’re operating pretty much in the shadows you don’t know what they’re doing you don’t know where this money’s coming from you know but also I’ll probably take the vaccine I’ll probably take it do you wish during this time that you smoke pot yes do you ever thought about starting up again no because I think I would get too paranoid yeah that’s part of the fun I know like I think I feel about secondhand smoke can you know yet smoke it you smoked last time was fine beautiful you smoked whatever you want hmm you know just keeps me together no you got to do it I’m gonna go on a ventilator while you do that I’m just gonna sit here I’m just gonna sit here and on an event but you haven’t been tested yet is Jamie gonna get the testers out everybody’s gets the test everybody gets a test man you go under let’s do the test every realist great yeah I’m excited we know the results right away 15 minutes and then D’Elia is coming by tomorrow I’m gonna give deleted the test I’m excited man fucking show and listen let it keep him 13 feet away because I read something online if anybody yeah listen I report you decide when if you had covered right now with this detect it if you like yes because you have the Animas right so but so if I had it now and I was asymptomatic it’s gonna say hey your body’s fighting off the kovat fuck Wow interesting so this is the big one yeah okay test the blood yeah test the blood and then also the is it a pity and quick wondered yeah going real quick Oh King prick okay can do the fucking swab of your brain cavity – that’s a little bit like that’s a little much some people go for both tests cuz you really really really really want to know but the I don’t think you need the but you got to do the blood first cuz then you don’t need the Brett you know you know what this has made me concentrate on more things that I enjoy that’s true I’ve gave it giving up my carnivore diet even though I really do enjoy the carnivore diet yes I want pasta yeah every now and then you gotta do something I’ve been doing things I’ve been playing a lot of a lot more pool listen man you make nonsense do you want to go back on the road like you were no one does right nobody wants to be back on a plane every week anymore right I still of comedy I want to go on the road but like we were all on the road every I was on a plane every Thursday well you kind of have to do it when you’re building markets yeah well I’m gonna have to do it but I’ve been thinking about doing a residency in LA I was thinking about yeah literally having shows every weekend in LA and then occasionally going on the road like like getting a small theater and I remember who used to do that was it Eddie Izzard it might have been Eddie Izzard who did he did a residency in LA right off of La Cienega where he was performing almost every weekend it’s a good idea how a bad idea if you have like a 500 seat I mean up again if people could start flying in is normalized to a degree was it Eddie yeah he booking people yeah people can come out again and at the trepan e house so he had a mini residency back in 2012 that’s what it was because I mean the amount of traveling that I was doing now I think to myself I’m like you just put yourself in a lot of risk out there you wear your immune system down well it’s also it’s a drag but um but there’s people that it like they’re in Milwaukee or Cleveland or whatever they want to see they can’t afford to come to LA and get a person hotel room and all that course you’re gonna want to come to them every you have to yeah but I feel like all that 20 weeks a year that’s that’s a lot I was on the I think I had 37 book this year and a lot of them went away already and probably more of them well the were seven weeks I mean it’s crazy the worst I had was when I was doing the UFC 22 weekends a year geez yeah that was crazy that’s a lot it was like every other weekend I was flying and then stand-up – yeah but I wasn’t doing as much stand-up because those are the days also when I wasn’t at the store okay those when I was banned from the store okay and it was also the days where I just had a dumb idea that I could just do theaters on Friday night and do it like every weekend where I’d be fine yeah it really wasn’t wasn’t enough yeah stand up just it’s like if you ran every weekend you in shape you know you’re in kind of shade partially you can run every weekend but you’re not ready to rock not ready to go yeah that’s how stand-up is – it’s like you can feel comfortable now people are coming to see you you can go on stage and perform but stand-up is like there’s no real shortcuts now to do it right you got to do it yet first of all I believe a bunch of things and they’re not true with everybody but I think you have to go to the clubs yeah and I think you have to go on stage at least four days a week and I think you have to write and I think you have to listen to your material now you can get away with not doing one or two of those things yeah but those seams they seem to be the core tenants for doing your best 100% I would I figured out like I build stuff on a podcast sometimes like I will talk I’ll talk for an hour week on a podcast that’s a great way to kind of build something yeah that’s that’s a good way Stanhope told me I listen to my podcast back oh and then pick out chunks of it that I’m like oh that could be funny well your podcast – one of the things that I like yes almost like you work yourself into a trance yes well you just of ranting trance yes yes yeah it seems like you have to build up momentum I do I do I don’t talk to anyone for the whole day it’s true I’ll talk to anyone for the whole day and then when my producer comes over with the studios in the apartment and then we just I just kind of go well I have all this pent up and I just go and that’s like you know that’s worked really well cuz it can be really funny yeah that’s what it’s really funny cuz it’s just like out there raw sometimes the funniest stuff is just I haven’t ever said it before and you don’t have guests I don’t have gas I don’t you haven’t like BRR yeah it’s real interesting yeah just me I think that’s really strong for developing material it sets yeah and it’s funny you know people come to me and go that’s fun like it’s not a it’s people go there’s enough of it that’s really funny and that’s sometimes it’s ludicrous I’m being rude Chris but they they give you that room yes yeah they have that really does that – yes daliyah’s and Theo doesn’t have to just ranting yeah no yes you’re not horrible no you just don’t do it I just don’t do it enough there’s I fucking sucked at it for years go back and listen to the early podcast it’s not good at it you don’t know when you’re being annoying I’ll interview somebody and I’ll ask them a question and I’ll answer it yeah and I’ll go you know what you know and that’s because you have a thought and you want to run with it right it’s just it’s different things yeah and like the ones I do with Joey are different than the ones I do with Duncan which are different than the ones I do with Delia or with you it’s like you have a dance you’re doing with everybody and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what what steps you’re taking and yeah you know yeah it’s tricky some good ones we’ve had some we have some good interviews in the archive but like a lot of times I got to be very interested yeah cuz you felt like sometimes I’ve had guys had an ex-agent honest very interested right okay when when somebody comes on and I’m not super interested in it I can’t it’s very hard for me to still do it right we’re just a great thing about your shows when you bring people on you give a fuck about what they’re saying that seems to be the key yes like that’s the key like if anybody ever said like how did your podcast get successful I think two things one I only talk to people that I want to talk to him so no one’s pushing anyone on me and people have pushed people on me and it’s not worked out well the times that I’ve done it for favors it’s good yeah there’s been some bad ones too yeah that were just I wasn’t interested in what they had to say and I did it because someone was like really trying to get me to have someone on I got a do I have to talk to the people that I want to talk to it has to be my idea because I’ve got to really be engaged I’ve got a and sometimes people brought me ideas for guests and it was good ideas and I was really engaged don’t get me wrong it’s not that I’m not open to suggestions that it seems to be I have to genuinely want to do it then it seems that while it’s happening I have to really be engaged in the conversation like I have to it needs to be or if it’s not organic man people get it they know when you’re hosing them yeah you know well people know that yeah and most people in their life which is kind of what we’ve created lives where we can kind of be you know authentic like we can cut like most people have to file into certain whether it’s an office or wherever and they have to just tolerate bullshit yes and they have to talk to people they don’t like and you’ve created a life where if you’re not interested in what somebody has to say you don’t have to speak to them well it’s also it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get things wrong and this is what people have to understand like you everyone’s going to get things wrong if you talk as much as I do but I think I’m real honest about when I get it wrong so you have to be able to say like I shouldn’t have said it that way I should have done that but it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get it wrong it’s just you’re gonna get better at being you right like you’re you’re really good at being you these rants that yeah yeah burrs really good at being himself yeah those rants amazing yes he’s probably the best at just no pauses yet no just no holds bar just runs right through subjects with no preparations great yeah he’s developed oh and Stanhope’s really good at it too like the Stanhope yeah his podcast yeah kind of developed yeah because he doesn’t have open mic nights right yeah I use it because in LA you know it’s there’s just is less stage time than you would have some other places even though there’s enough you could do enough and I was doing a lot in the road but like it’s more fun for me to just go off you’re getting their last stage time in LA you were in New York New York you can get up a crazy amount really well there’s so many clubs you can run from Club to club to club to club I mean guys like mark Normand could do like 13 spots and and that I mean that’s inhuman but that’s why he’s he’s so good it’s like you can do so much I like the amount of stage time I get here because the podcast is a great way to build longer form bits mm-hmm than just running where I have to get a laugh in front of an audience you could do both right of course so you could do the podcast in New York and then just do 20 spots at night yes do you think that would be the way to go is that the best we know uh no I think it depends what you how what your act is right so if your act is quick boom boom Jelks boom boom boom yeah a repetition is probably better but sometimes it’s better to let an idea of ruminate on a podcast and then to do maybe longer sets less frequently people might want to build that way it’s so individual man there’s no like one way you should do it yeah I completely agree and I think yeah there’s like a there’s almost like a formula we’re getting onstage is a hundred right yeah in terms of like the amount of value you get for your effort standing on getting on stage is 100 and writing is maybe 30 or 40 yeah but if you do it enough it accumulates money in the bank you know in terms of like numbers in the bank got it to it to get and I think that listening to a set is worth like 40 or 50 so writings worth like 30 or 40 and listening to sets like worth like 40 or 50 and getting onstage worth a hundred yeah Ralphie may did a great talk at I think I forget where it was maybe the Comedy Store maybe The Improv I don’t know but you did a talk on stand-up where he said he used to play a game with himself we’re like he’d give himself points if he did a new tag you know and then he said something interesting he goes he goes when’s the last time you’ve gotten on stage with five minutes new material nothing else he goes because the first time he got on stage at five new minutes yeah so is the first time you got a stage of the balls to get up with five new minutes mm-hmm and he goes so when’s the last time you’ve gotten up with just five new minutes off the top off there and it makes you think it’s a guy that’s you know that’s a ballsy move to go out with just a new five and go I’m just gonna doing this yeah it’s always bad than beginning yeah do you think we’re gonna be starting over again when we get I mean not starting over but when we get back on stage it’s gonna be it’s gonna be the walk is a lot of us have gone oh yeah yeah so I think I went through when I when I was like in my 20s and I had ACL surgery for the first time that was like 90 fuck early 90s well I had never been off stage for like two weeks before right so two weeks later after knee reconstruction I was going on stage with crutches on I was like fucking I’m going on Wow I was like I’m going up so I’d go on stage and hobble with a knee brace on yeah two weeks after surgery just take yeah I have to do I can’t not be upset but then I went I forget why but I went even more than that one time in like the early 2000s I think I want a whole month a month plus I’m trying to remember like what’s the longest time it’s ever been I think with me it’s a few weeks for a lot of us a few weeks some people do get get do like maybe a TV thing or a movie and it’s like I’m on but it’s it this is gonna be the longest track I think I’ve gone more than a month yeah but I’m not sure how long whether it’s two months if you had to bet what when do you think our feet touch a stage again late May and I really yeah and I think there’s gonna be some weird shit where you’re gonna have like one table and then there’ll be like three empty tables and then another table like a line of we’ll be like dot dot dot dot a lot of people gonna be wearing around that’s gonna be creepy as fuck so weird and then they’re gonna bleep masks no dude I don’t know this is a post-apocalyptic stand-up what if there’s a flu that’s 50% as deadly as climate let’s worry about the one we have now is bad enough I know but pop but it’s not the people that have died of the flu yet here are way higher for now for now for now for now for now but it’s gonna go but my point is like if we are upset that the amount of people that have died from kovat 19 if this is the last person that dies and it won’t be surely but if this is the last person that dies what would be how close would the flu have to get to that for us to take commensurate measures like if we found it like if flew like I don’t know what the number is and I don’t think they know entirely how many people get infected versus how many people die because I don’t think they really know how many people get infected and if you co feed they were saying that as much as 70% of the people that get it or asymptomatic so how many people really get it so if that means how many maybe there’s a lot more people that got it and then they’re just not showing symptoms or is it we don’t have accurate data I think it’s probably we don’t have accurate data right I think I think a lot of people definitely get it and don’t have any symptoms because there seems to be a lot of evidence of that but I don’t think they know how many people got it we might have a very small number of people that have got it and out of those people the vast majority show no symptoms but it might be like 1% of the population has been infected we aren’t an art of the problem of keeping everyone on a lockdown is that nobody’s developing immunity that’s part of it that’s part of the issue right so you’re slowing the spread of this but it’s too dangerous to give people that option of course of course but eventually you’re gonna have to start opening economy people carefully going out with masks and things like that I think for sure but I think here’s something take out states that they’ve told us that safe I order that how could things on surfaces that’s what I mean but more things on your robe but but here’s the deal on that Diamond Princess cruise ship only 17% of people got it those people are living together very close quarters like a petri dish yeah and they’re they’re all breathing recirculated air but only 17% of people got it easy so I’d it possible because I don’t think it’s as transmissible as we think of those cruise ships it’s horrible without a pandemic yeah but I don’t think but be imagine right now yes I’m high yeah if I’m in a boat right now right so I’m in this metal thing which is in the middle of the dark ocean yeah especially at nighttime yeah right ho you’re in this thing floating around literally in the center of the goddamn oh who should get some strange reason you’ve agreed yes beyond this this metal yeah things of floating which doesn’t make any sense it’s brother scrum metal floating makes zero sense yeah a giant metal thing floating and you’re there with those fucking feet and you’re there with the worst people in the world and if you fall off the side you’re dead some people try to kill themselves you know what’s really this is true some guy tried to kill himself on the boat this is how sad this was they saw him in the car oh they caught him and they brought him back on the boat so like literally at the buffet the next day everybody’s like that’s the guy that tried to kill him so like how your your back you got imagine being at a breakfast buffet after that let you know sorry guys I was having a rough night one guy killed his wife on a cruise because I went on the a’practice with Joker’s cruise I went on one cruise it was just to perform right me and a bunch of other comics one and and I we were talking to some of the cruise people and they said one guy pushed his wife off the side hmm yeah and then he just he didn’t carry what’s like a tease night he was dancing oh she’s wife right off the side she’s just cruise people are sick they’re sick people some people aren’t sick like some people could do that now here’s the thing we’re thinking about it like it’s the ocean I want you to think about it like it’s space okay imagine if if there was this ship that was going through space but space was just like it was almost like there was air around you where you could kick someone off the side and they would just fall – forever right right that’s that you’re doing the same thing yeah you just your would you be terrified oh my god yeah and if you heard some shook off would you’ve heard someone cough oh my god what would you do what would you do if you want a spaceship then you heard someone coughing I think you gotta stay in your middle in your little cube like you gotta stay in your little room everyone the Grand Princess was sequestered in their room honestly how is that different you be on a spaceship in the middle of the sky yeah and you hear someone crying you know I got different we got to get out of here there’s a sick person on this spacious not that different how much different is it it’s not that different uh yeah I would say this I would say less pig trash people could afford to go to space for now for now back in the fucking Titanic days it was a crazy thing to be able to get in a boat and Ryan make your way across the country you know you’re a peasant that’s that’s just travel these cruises which is disgusting ah but but the people my point is it’s not like the uber wealthy people that are getting on these cruise you know it’s animals animals there’s their fat pig I could have been a personal trainer on the bus I mean people are looking at me like do you do it you know no it’s the old party doing a task you know it’s the funny thing on that boat there was a little library and I walked in I’m like has anyone checked out a book or the guy goes no I’m like has anyone ever checked out up like who’s checking out a book it’s not even good books it’s trashy romance novels but none of these people can read I mean what is the drug policy on one of those cruise ships can you bring weed on board you can bring whatever you want I mean it depends right it depends if you dock at a cunt like yeah but in international waters what are the deals you don’t sir I don’t know if they search your bags I mean people were bringing food on board that was disturbing that’s another thing right like you’re not in America no you’re in international waters and then you dock like outside of this fake little town in Mexico where they literally bought the beachfront and it’s a third-world country and they drive you past roosters and Shoeless guys running around what are you showing me that’s right he got on the cruise and he he came to his body right like drugs so what does he got bladders and bottles so he bought like those hiking bladders that you put in your backpack we drink water out of and he filled them with booze but he’s on a cruise ship where they have all this booze yeah but he wants to real deal stuff you know they’re gonna water it down they do they don’t give you shots I think they do some that’s even more outrageous I think you gotta let you lose it up yeah if I’m on a boat I’m getting drunk well I’m sure there’s different kinds of cruises but the ones we’re talking about like Carnival like you know like the ones on those wouldn’t you want to be hammered well there’s people that’s what dude that’s why people like oh why are people leaving your houses there are people that are like if I can’t go on a cruise and get fucked up I don’t want to live there are those people right now they’re like if I can’t go to Applebee’s I want to live yeah there’s people that are not having a great time in America how many people are like weekend like every weekend they go on a cruise so I was on I didn’t the practical joke there was an old lady and she goes you know don’t take Carnival it’s very bad we’ve taken it twice it was horrible times although legion’s good yeah they just they just their cruise people I mean just the lowest caliber of human being to have ever drawn a breath how much is how much is the worst cost like if you okay let’s say if you’re drawing they just got out of prison would say if you’re gonna leave Mexico and you where would you go where would you go a South America no you leave let you just go out in the ocean and then you just come back to some fake town like we went to Costa Maya look up Costa Maya Mexica Costa Maya Mexico is a place that’s owned the cruise ships just own this little beachfront okay so it’s like a trip but you float around the water then you come back and you come back and then they just have these little stands on the beach from $109 a person what did you think it was how many days like seven days no yeah it is that real of course look at the big warning though the kovat warning blow that up yeah like you’ll die if you do this people don’t care Lenny oh please be aware of any coronavirus Co vid 19 travel advisories and view updates from the world health organization due to unprecedented volume of travel disruptions refunds may take up to 30 days to process which by that point you’ll be dead like 30 days how to take cruises right now yeah they’re just like lie about your symptoms to like just this is the next one they have available it seems like August 30th is the first one they have available already full people are going on that phone bro dude August 30 it’s gonna be a party they don’t give a shit they’re gonna get on in hospital gowns right from the ER they don’t care what they’re gonna do they’re gonna do all the people that have survived yes party we beat it but they also would have the antibody flavors they’re all gonna have the bracelets still be in hospital on the beach but you know there’s gonna be one dude who lies about it everybody’s gonna come back because there’s a girl he’s not enough for him to cause genocide because he wanted to fuck this chick who’s gonna lie about having a new advanced form that it doesn’t do anything to people that have already had it right but as soon as it gets into a new person it kills them it makes so much sense that the virus it’ll get rid of us as a planet come from a cruise the most disgusting unnecessary I thought it’d be like tropical if somebody with the war is nothing to do with the water you don’t nobody swims like nobody gets to the island and swims kind of a dump people just throw on and buy shitty jewelry they buy fake jewelry dude there’s a TV in your room on a cruise and when you turn it on it’s just commercials for shit you can buy when you dock at the island oh my god it’ll be a guy who’s like I’ve been in the cruise and jewelry industry for 20 years it’s like that’s not an industry to the cruise is $100 yeah it’s a hundred and they buy garbage jewels all you can eat yeah and probably all you can drink everything’s kind of broke yeah I guess you got a bad raciest thing we’ve ever read on the show that’s why people like all cruises going out of business I’m like I’ll tell you they’re not they’re not dollars that’s a vacation for somebody who’s fucked so but wait a minute it’s not all booze included no you got to pay for that’s where they make their money that’s why they sleep that’s why they sneak it on that’s how they make their money so the 25 bucks a day is just to come on we’re friends yeah for days that’s just unlimited fried food to throwing you down your throat three to five days for $100 109 imagine five days of food for $109 this how we encourage you to get off the wagon like what are you doing you drinking water yeah well I’m clean and sober for didn’t tolerate that what the fuck it’s a carnival haven’t you heard yeah you don’t need to see your kids get fucked up just get fucked up and we’ll give you AI begain did you know that we in a cruise boat there’s a little cruise jail swear to God they’ve a cruise do they have a cruise jail if you do something sometimes you’ve got to go to the cruise jail until they can dock and have the authorities come get you see if you murder your wife you do something like that you go to the Jews wife overboard he’s they throw them in the cruise he went to cruise jail look there’s a water slide look at these people haha is what it made sense when did they start these things dude there’s comics that perform on them oh yeah yeah they live in hell yeah there’s when there’s something about it it’s just it’s so strange and when I was in Italy yeah three-day cruises for 325 bucks that was what I first started 85,000 I 95 that’s what it was yeah it’s probably like air travel it was I was in Venice they were there were the people that there are locals there first of all I mean I’m an intruder we’re all intruders there’s too many too many tourists it’s like but they relied on it too so it’s real strange that’s their economy but it’s also it used to be more quaint and then what happened is whenever a cruise ship would pull up you would get what two or three thousand people you had come pouring out at once so when we were there to cruise ships docked and it was crazy craziness is this beautiful city and then you have this grotesque cruise ship with like paintings of dolphins on the side it’s so white trash like America just and then they would fill these river boats and they would get into the canal area and they would filled with people yeah and they would drive around staring and pointing to things even like wow this is nuts well now that they’re not around you have like things are coming back into the Venice canals like dolphins no no but I know all these idiots are like oh it’s not nice it’s like it’s nice but the world economy’s collapsed it’s not a good trade off there’s the people got addicted to people coming in the tourists yeah but if they only have like a limited number it should be like a house party like after a hundred people you can cut it off yeah you can cut it off you can’t have cruise ships yeah cuz they kept hitting the docks too nobody acts like yes but you’re gonna need them they’re coming back hard cruises are coming back so big after this I’m telling you think so people are gonna feel in very sick country and people all over the world people are wild and people are gonna wanna go on there are people that love cruises they think they’ve discovered a goldmine they’ll be like 109 – people will tell you I took a cruise for a hundred and sixty dollars it’s so embarrassing that they would say it but they say that you’re like you’re right an animal well if you’re a non-drinker though most lady guess I think it’s so fun there’s a certain group of people in the world who’ve had accepted their animals right and then it’s just fun how many people are on cruises that are on a cruise every day cuz it’s cheaper than being homeless if you Greenpoint if you go to a cruise everyday if you’re on a cruise everyday you’re really spending like a buck fifty a week that’s Carnival Spectre 150 bucks a week you get a room and you get all the food you can eat that is the crazy deal you imagine it’s secure for homelessness and will cruise there yeah that booze 24 hours a day or do ya know it’s like Vegas of course do you want imagine that the freedom of being on this boat this metal thing floating around the ocean yes where you live where do you live I live on Carnival Cruise Line there are people that do that Joe that literally live on a boat all year round why not you should be on a cruise because you’re a person that’s the why not is because you’re a person but if you’re not there are people that dude the level of big on those boats those are big boys and girls in like Disneyland for five hundred yeah when you meet people on scooters scooter and they were going on the boat they were going up the ramp onto the but there’s some fucked up about being on a vehicle then somebody on another vehicle well as long as cruise set sail from London oh yeah the lies in September and a two hundred forty five-day cruise do you think that they’re still out there they they’re all dead oh my god it’s a Viking ship the ship is just coughing it there’s more size of it lose that go back is that a video yeah go go back to the size of it when they pull up what would they have Viking Carnival is this a Viking you look a big but it looks like the name Viking is perfect for something like that no basis of the Seas is the big if I guess that was filled with Vikings and it came pulling into your shorty but oh fuck yeah but this is not Vikings eating herring you know this is people who are just they’re a more shared Viking son that’s what it is there are more chefs on that boat then doctors in the places they’re going like you’re pulling up to an island it’s like two doctors and they’ve got 65 people cooking so is this thing still out there I was asked I mean I just was googling like how long was the longest trip a lot of them they’re not letting them their love not letting them dock this was ninety-two thousand dollars per person this is a lot that’s a big night ninety-two thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars per person which includes business class airfare meals and a free excursion in each port of call so these people just decided to live on this thing for a year for almost a year and see the world how many days Jamey 245 ships free of kids and casinos interesting Wow that’s these are the higher end ones even though they’re gross – yeah no kid no kid or casinos that would have said yeah a lot of cruises a lot of it’s gambling it’s a lot of people that want to gamble but this is a fairly small thing right it’s like 900 people it’s interesting – they have a world-class Aleksei like TED talks going on on there nobody needs HPV pills Ketchikan yeah folk there were no TED talks on the boat I was on I’m better imagine that’s a great idea like if you were an older person like a couple and you’re like you know your kids leave the house it’s doing here let’s hang out together let’s do a year on a boat to eat but did screaming all their drunk around the third or fourth week you go what the fuck are we what the fuck are we what are we doing what are we doing there’s something weird looking out just in water yes there’s something weird forever and going is there a doctor on this and if something happens what kind of doctor what kind of doctor works on Carnival Cruise Line one kind of you know what I mean this is not the best it’s not the best doctor allegedly yeah he might be amazing might be guy that’s his we imagine being sick of being in the Carnival cruise doctors don’t you’d be like just throw me overboard probably experiment on people oh god that’s where Gates is fuckin losing the vaccine he’s putting them in fat people on Carnival Cruise Line they can’t find a vein they can experiment people in exchange for a free fare yeah I mean it was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done I did it three nights I performed those are great cassava con is a great dude he invited us all he also just stand up he’s one of the Joker’s and we but I mean it’s a wild party over there and after three days you’re like get me off mmm get me back and we left out in New Orleans which is cool did you do with Chrysler and Ari yes yes how fucked up this Birkett on a boat you know I’m trying to remember I don’t remember being more fucked up boy less fucked up than usual I think he was just I don’t know is he was she was drinking I think was right after so Brock to him yes right after saw Brock Tober he was having fun yeah who’s enjoying himself but he’s never liked to it was hard in the paint yeah I mean he’s always handles himself while though what’s amazing about Bert is how good a shape he’s in oh yeah he runs a lot yeah but I was telling him I was like dude your body is so robust he’s got he’s tough yeah like if you didn’t drink at all you would probably be a savage yeah well he was very shape young well he was in shape for sure but I’m saying like the kid the kind of like work he’s making his body go through every yeah every day he’s making his liver process I know all that hooch but you also said earlier that he shouldn’t speak publicly if not drunk no I should drink it’s he’s better that way I guess it’s out there somewhere that ship ate Canadians allowed to disembark from Viking Sun cruise ship in Gibraltar for repatriation what the hell happens to the rest of them for repatriation it was that imagine you’re gonna live in Gibraltar Jesus well what is it really yeah I don’t know but I mean it sounds hilarious it just sounds like something from a game of Thrones book yes repatriation this has been announced by the government which says that this follows a request from the Canadian High Commissioner in London for gibraltars health help in repatriating the seven passengers and one crewman yeah I don’t even know what the fuck number six says the disembarkation took place in the bay not alongside the cruise terminal today they went to a smaller boat in the bay and then were probably brought to the yeah it says there’s no cases of Cove it died teen on board the Viking Sun which had submitted a clear maritime declaration as therefore clear to enter the port that would be what would happen yeah there would be a virus that runs through us like fire through bushes yeah and they would repopulate the earth these tedtalk people on this fucking cruise yeah Oh God 245 days what it is well that’s how you are sure in the movie idiocracy if the only people that survived are our crews pigs these are the Ted Cruz pigs they’re different ok you’re right about that and also spend in ninety three thousand dollars to do this thing but you’re probably older they’re probably older there’s probably only a few young people there’s no eggs yeah there’s no eggs on that boat dude it’s the crew it’s got to be the crew the crew fucks their way and those are weird to the cruise all people that work at the fucking cruise is a weird – man yeah it was very strange yeah like it’s odd there yeah they have to be those are guys have partied in there just like what if this was every night forever and i lying into a comic at the poor i was i was with the missus on vacation yeah and i ran into a comic at a port in mexico and he had just gotten off this boat and the dude looked like someone stole some of his essence like something they looked like someone had taken like 10 to 15% of his what makes him a person and he’s been working on well it wasn’t like [Applause] this was not that it was not that happy feel that it was like it’s like rock the fucking boat and it’s realizing like this is what i’m doing for a living now this is a tough one yeah I’m on a boat I’m entertaining the worst people in the world in the middle of the ocean yeah do you know who loves those things though again shout out to Alonzo Bodden Alonzo Bodden goes on Jazz Cruise well this may be different that might be different people that like jazz that’s a little different than just people that go I want to spend $35 to go on a vacation with my family because I can eat on an on a floating thing yeah that’s I mean they don’t even go and like do anything cool yeah you’d have to have a cruise and the cruise would have to be populated by it would have to be like people that are into shit you’re into absolutely yeah yeah and there’s a lot of those like there’s there’s there’s all kinds of cruise I mean dude there’s like I mean there’s like sick cruises there was like there’s there’s a Walking Dead cruise where people dress up like zombies I mean yeah you know stuff like that’s crazy what if we did a working comedian cruise dear JRE cruise what we’ll only yeah only people that are actual comedians yeah and their significant others interesting interesting we’d hate each other but yeah I’ve days and this floaty thing in the middle of the ocean yeah yeah I’m someone would yell at Bert we’d have to like sit down yeah I don’t be really mad at non time you get left so I’m if you if we’re gonna get left at the first port yeah comics are all irresponsible very much the funny ones in particular responsible yeah most of them are yeah most of them are a mess yeah yeah they wouldn’t they wouldn’t make it on board but imagine if the only people that survived with the people on that cruise and that would be in made that’s a that’s a Stephen King typist novel just the people aboard this cruise ship now have to do but think of how cool that is to be on a cruise ship and sail back to an America where everybody’s dead well that would be great left London though right that’s where it leaves it left London 245 days yeah last week it said they had arrived in Bali I was trying to track – imagine you’re in the middle of this thing that you’ve been planning for a whole year I can’t believe we’re gonna do it oh my God we’re really gonna do it right there 245 days why not the kids are out of the house I love being around yeah yeah it’s gonna be fun and you’re in the middle of the ocean you found the world’s on fire how about those guys on that show big brother who were being kept in isolation at the gallery show Germany they had no idea and somebody had to stop them ago hey by the way just to let you guys know there’s a worldwide pandemic ravaging the plague like that’s a crazy my friend Adam Greentree the dude who shot that water buffalo that’s above yeah the head up there yeah it’s my bowhunting friend from Australia was actually in the bush when the shit hit the fan and he got back to his car and someone had written in dirt on the window call home asap something like wow she is it down his Instagram yeah he actually took a photo of it and put it on his Instagram so he had no one I think right after 9/11 it was Dawson a car window somebody wrote this is war get home asap Wow so that scary fuck but he he goes off the grid he’s a bow hunter and he goes through these like really remote locations and he just brings a backpack and like a small tent with him and water purification and arrows any fucking go he goes and he’ll go for like six seven days like that and so that’s one of the things he was completely you know so he left before there was even talk of this he’s got that that’s his back and that’s that little backpack said his this is a very satisfying feeling in having everything you need on your back first day into some spectacular in New Zealand country insta story uploaded daily so he was just going up there and and by himself with no one with him no no contact with the outside world but guess he was still updating his Instagram who’s taking that photo I when he gets back home usually but this time he might have been there yeah but either way so he comes back and he finds that note on his car meep a lot of what he does he does and he documents for social media because one time back in the day it was like two years ago he was doing this 28 day hunt by himself in Idaho and in Wyoming including like encounters that he would stream with a fucking grizzly bear so he had a grizzly bear that was chasing after him he had a faulty pistol on him I don’t even know that the pistol didn’t work at the wrong size in it yeah and he documented all of it we started talking about on the pot yeah so he he developed this like really engaged social media following that really gets excited with course yeah when he goes on these trips actually uploads so this is it see that’s him with a gun and see that if you could see the gun is not in the chamber it’s jammed that’s why it’s open like that I said well it wasn’t even fired and that’s a grizzly bear in the back yeah and she’s got cub with her and she’s thinking about fucking him up and she bluffed charges him a couple times and he tries to get away from Mary tries to walk away and she followed him really creepy shit what do you do in that instance what he did he stood his ground and she came charging at him he said she got within several feet of him a couple of times before she turned away what so what makes it what do you think a bear decides like at that point that fuck I never know man it’s either gonna decide it’s going to kill you or it’s gonna just gonna try to sleep decides to kill you it’s over it’s over it’s over there’s nothing you can do a gun that doesn’t work well that’s the thing yeah they would tear you apart like you would tear apart a little baby chick like a little baby chicken yeah that’s how they’re so big and they kill moose yeah killed deer monsters elk with her face just grab ahold of em rip them apart yeah they’re so strong man the actual keys are cute looking they look like cuddly but they lurk they’re not there’s like a 900 pound Rottweiler you ever watched those things where guys like hug them and live with them in last falls yeah it’s weird has holes very strange you crazy fucks it liked Whitney Cummings explaining to me how all these Tigers are tortured I didn’t really know I didn’t know about all that I didn’t know that they were drugged and stuff well I think the Tigers kind of like being showman I don’t think that’s stupid the ones on tiger King yes I don’t think they were drugged moved yeah yeah but they some of them look they just look there in these confined spaces it looks hell yeah it’s not right it’s not right they’re wild animals well it’s not just that I’m also their cats and if there’s anything that cats like more than anything it’s to kill they love killing shit right and I don’t think I’m not saying that it’s great that they kill things I’m not like glorifying or even joking around about this I’m just saying think about what a cat is let’s think about a house cat house cats are some of the most vicious fucking monsters to horrible they walk to face the planet all they want to do is kill and they’re not even a little hungry they try to kill you they swipe at your face they’re trying to kill you yeah they just know they are out gun so they let it go right they’re so small and they kill so house cats kill billions of birds and mammals every year billions of them right just to go outside and fuck these things up yeah of course back inside and now imagine being something like that but it’s you’re 700 pounds yes all you want to do is chase things and kill and you never get to chase things you never get to kill you just put it in a cage yeah every now and then they give you a bees you know wall my flag inspired me from Walmart was what that guy was feeding them bro and he’s you know they’re tearing this stuff apart and eating it but they never get to kill anything yeah they want to kill things that’s their nature you’re robbing something of this nature it’s like John us we can’t do stand-up telling somebody you can’t do the thing you enjoy exactly yeah when you’re built to do don’t touch your penis yeah you’re telling them not to do things you want to do and for a cat it’s like you’re never giving them that there’s a reason why cats exist right they’re big and there are a hundred percent carnivorous they’re very very very fast well why would nature create something like that why would nature allow something like that because there’s too many of the other things how did the cat become domesticated like how did it become the versions we have now just like kind of a fat lazy to grasp the animal good question Greek when when did that because but didn’t in ancient Egypt they worshiped cats worship them yeah there was very interesting but it’s also you know they probably were amazed that cats would hang out with them and I bet they were dealing with like serve walls and schiller those freaky cats and a lot of people keep it yeah cool cats the ones that are never really your pet yeah no well the cat you never owned a cat well you never owned especially that’s never care those predatory looking goals in the circles yeah of course you had a bobcat in your yard dude just walking around walking around what are you doing that incident you know well small my daughter took the photo I wasn’t there okay it wasn’t that small I mean it was about 35 pounds she said holy shit it was my older daughter so but the the she’s smart enough to know us yeah but the the thing about it is like they’re always going to be around like we live in LA yeah if you if you live in LA right you’re in the Hills you think of Hills they hit just they that’s the cat thing it’s cool-looking yeah if there’s anywhere that has coyotes and everywhere a coyote everywhere everywhere Burbank has coyotes well they could have Bobcats too and they probably do yeah yeah there’s Eagles there’s all this mountain like bad bad Malibu that area dude there’s I mean the thing about particularly like the whole Los Angeles you know Pasadena has a problem with bears bears going walking down an alleyway on his phone and Powell yeah I saw his flag is the bear yeah well yeah it’s actually a grizzly bear interests California used North grizzly bears and the last grizzly bear was killed in Levesque or the last grizzly bear killed a person in Levesque California and it was named after the guy who was the last guy killed by a grizzly bear and they actually dug him up years later and his bones were destroyed which is consistent with a grizzly bear is where is that is that Northern California it’s like no it’s it’s outside of Bakersfield like on the dive if you fed that Bobcat would have come back oh yeah yeah people do dummies dummies freedom I know I know dude his wife feeds coyotes she’ll ask raise food out for the car yes but a bobcat like that’s fun they’re both crazy yeah these pairs this guy’s pool it’s great Pasadena they come down off the mountains you know Pasadena is pretty fucking close to the mountains yeah so these are just regular bears wild bears that live in fucking Pasadena and what Cisco what’s that Sheriff gonna do shit bitch Pasadena has everything man they got hawks they got mountain lions they got bears and they have these like really nice swimming it’s great old houses have you ever been Pasadena beautiful yeah for the old yeah Pasadena is amazed it’s great yeah what they say is this is that I don’t know who they are but they say that the Holly internet fame people the famous people in the early days of Hollywood lived there the actors lived in Hollywood Hills and the producers Bassett yeah so they have these beautiful estate you know they’re gorgeous you know yeah Wells like a gorgeous kind of like that if your banana exactly like beautiful Park yeah it’s really nice but Pasadena is just it’s got a feel to it it’s like oh wow there’s like some crazy rich neighborhood it’s like stately mm-hmm feels like an older cool neighborhood exactly a lot of people drive Mercedes Benz yeah they’re conservative with their money oh yeah those are wealthy they pulled the lever for Reagan yes yeah they’re liberal at parties but not when they get in the booth yes they just want to keep that money absolute hell a people like that there are those be there woke in the boardroom but then when they get in that booth they pull the lever till like she’s gotta keep that hottie closet conserve big-time there’s one this one lady came up to my wife and wanted to talk to her about conservatism because she thought that I was conservative for some stretch it was like like you know we’re one – yeah we’re one of those that’s so funny like no one wants to let anybody know like they’re vampires you know it’s like half the country is concerned yeah but and then that yeah I don’t know why she assumed that I was well you talk to anybody so you talk to people that you disagree with you agree with you have people on the show it’s also the way I look I think that house yeah that’s part of it too you don’t have black room glasses you’re not 95 pounds you’re not afraid of saying hello to someone but it’s it’s a whole the whole thing of having two parties it’s crazy I think it might be ending I mean not like the the chaos of the moment necessitates solutions that aren’t political mm political solutions aren’t going to work you kind of said it we said pinning blame on everything like that the the incentivizing of politicizing everything is not going to work we just need people that are intelligent and and I think all the systems are whether it’s technology whether it’s health it’s not the solutions are not political it’s not electoral politics it’s not elected senator it’s not elect some idiot who convinced everybody in Texas to vote for more so epic people in Long Island New York to vote for them it’s it’s finding the some of the people you’ve had on this show people in that era on and putting them in a room ago and how the fuck are we gonna figure this out hmm it’s not guys that convinced people in Virginia that they were they had their best interest at heart I mean it’s just an old system and it needs to be modernized you might that’s a really eloquent way of putting it yeah you might have a good point there that hopefully like people recognize this is not serving them to have these like rigid parties on one side and that is and that we would impose people are way more nuanced and most people don’t care they don’t most people are not a Republican or a Democrat when you’re out to dinner they want to have money they want jobs they want to be you know we just draw a line and say you have to be this or that but especially now with all these different problems your solutions are not gonna come from the the two parties it also solidifies what’s really important like everyone says well you know what’s really important is family and love and right yeah guess what that is really what’s really important it is it’s not that’s not just rhetoric yeah that’s really important and you realize that when the shit hits the fan like if you’re wealthy and you wrapped in a mansion by yourself you don’t have any friends yes you imagine it’s yeah I could I’d love to imagine big truck myself in a mansion can we arrange that how many days a week do you think you’d handle that uh seven the visit you well no I mean listen people gonna like you with a match that’s the benefit of having a mansion people like you they tend to like you you have to be a real dick to not have friends in a match especially if you have parties right yeah you have to be a real asshole for people to go oh that guy with the mansion fuck him let’s go somewhere else I get what you mean though family I mean listen that stuff does you know listen these are the things that are the you know mm-hmm but not everybody has those luxuries not everybody has that thing you know it’s true so there’s a lot of people that devote their lives you know to other things or whatever and you know yeah I feel bad for people that are working at places where they’re exposed to this disease and they get nothing for it so that’s what I said earlier like if you’re working a grocery store and it’s like you’re getting shit money and you’re being exposed to this it’s like we should do as a country we should do something for you yeah I don’t know what it is maybe it’s like hey man you know a student loan we’re taking care of it or like hey you want a good interest rate on a mortgage five years from now we’re doing it for you like we got to do something for those people right because if your job used to be stacking apples now your job is you could die stacking up stacking apples is somewhat because we’re all depending on those supply chains and those things being open yeah so if you’re putting meat in the package if you were at Bristol Farms the store that I love if you’re doing whatever sale your spot that’s my spy I love it it’s just great it’s just it’s it’s for new money it’s for trash it’s not like irawan which is for healthy people Bristol Farms is for millionaires at want Apple Jacks it’s like you know it’s like for you know yeah tick-tock people rappers I saw a lady in air one she was dressed up like a hot beekeeper yeah that’s what yeah she was so protective goggles and the man’s personal farms like absurd it’s like people pull up in Bentley’s and get s’mores pie they have s’mores pie at Bristol farm it’s like you gotta be a little gutter trash you know but it’s those people need some benefit so that’s what I mean when I say it’s a failure the government it’s not like it’s not you can’t pin it directly on Trump everyone pins everything directly no Trump I don’t think he’s doing phenomenally especially in communicating he’s doing what he does but I think the look at the system and you go well we just passed a two trillion dollar bailout with giving people $1,200 that can’t be the solution well anything he does that’s really good gets minimized when he does something stupid yeah right it’s hard for people to give him like that because it’s got about his ratings yeah it’s be a bachelor yeah that’s not trolling if that’s not trolling then I don’t know if it is trying to think it struggles you can’t do that when people are falling down dead it’s crazy you can’t do it it was like closing off traffic to China early you know and in deciding hey listen this travel that China is not smart back and forth we have to stop that and people are really upset at him that gets diminished by a tweet like I think he wants people to like I think he wants to median Hollywood the like of I think that’s what his supporters don’t understand I think he actually is a creation in Hollywood all these people that are like Hollywood Trump’s taking on Hollywood it’s like he’s a creation of Hollywood this is the guy that loved the Clintons up until he ran against them well he wasn’t talking so it’s just convenient that he became this crusader against the elites the he spent his entire life around well that wasn’t like his point was yeah I know what they actually do cuz I used to pay them a hundred percent I mean that was a point that people bought in with they’re like oh yeah this guy’s gonna fight on our behalf I’ve just never believed that about any politicians I’m an adult I think it’s complicated like every yeah you know you almost look at a guy like him sure you today yes show get that a guy like him can get through sure you know like to understand the frailty of the system yes he’ll exploit yeah hackers to like test you you’re yes you can get through Oregon they give a guy a gun at the airport and all can you get through Yeah right but I mean hackers it’s a famous thing that companies will do the hire hackers to try to break into their software yeah to find out as you know what are what are our vulnerability it’s just this is a weird this is a weird thing to run a simulation this is a weird during a pandemic it might not be the idea to run a simulation with a guy and be like hey let’s see I don’t think it’s a simulation no I’m not some vicious guy the exploit but now we know the expert look having a popularity contest to see who controls the nukes is crazy it’s crazy especially because we’re frivolous yeah what do we pay more attention to the Kardashians who’s right today and I gotta be honest with you they won’t like if Kim Kardashian would make a better president than a lot of people a lot of people in Congress and that’s how that’s how crazy it’s got that’s what crazy that she’s not the worst not there she’s not the worst she’s not the worst she’s not the worst she’s a businesswoman no she’s smart she’s working for prison reform she’s doing things yeah she goes to Trump yeah helps people get out of jail that are unjustly imprisoned she has for many many people right now that’s putting something like more than 18 people have been released because of Kim Kardashian I think it’s crazy Kim I’ll go with you if you want to go to the White House I’ll take I want to see you with a manga hat on I will go there well yeah we’re any how do you think that would ruin your Hollywood career I don’t think if I if I have a Hollywood career someone let me know someone email me or call if I have a Hollywood career I don’t want yeah my crews might in my apartment that’s better I mean that’s the reality my careers a microphone I get to see what I want yeah I would like to Jaime I’d like to be an extra Curb Your Enthusiasm or something I could do some very funny on a show like that I guess Larry David has show where he wore a maggot hats you wouldn’t talk to him that’s a great efforts like one of the few that’s one of the really funny great shows out there oh it’s a brilliant show but there’s only a few of those that are really that good and there’s a lot of garbage but like who is who is like a Trump fan a open Trump fan that’s popular other than Kanye well there’s got a lot guys sports right guys are Tom Brady and Tom Brady I don’t catch shit as far as Hollywood it’s Clint Eastwood Ozzie yeah I would imagine I mean yeah I had that thing where he pretended that Obama was sitting next to me he had a conversation with him yeah yeah it was a chair a chair I think a lot of studios there’s probably a lot of if you did that in a hospital I went to the Republican convention they had me stand the podium I just pretended that Obama was sitting about to a chair let’s got it but nobody has the balls to go up the clinics we can go let’s not do this let’s let’s not do this Clint but what kind of a ridiculous proposition is that to print pretend to have a conversation with someone yeah and then you you make up their answers just like it was the same reason that gal gadot and all those people were like let’s sing imagine and no one said guys this is the worst idea ever I think Republican operatives put them up to that if I was a Republican operative I call Gail Goodell and I’m like why don’t you get a bunch of people to sing imagine just walk by her yeah yeah that’s what we need celebrities now like you can see how to touch some of the marks near quarantining in mansions and they’re like just use this time to breathe just just be and just be okay with the silence cook nourish yourself I’m like people are jumping out of windows nobody has any fucking money you Psychopaths just take this time to do yoga to breathe the earth is repairing itself I love those people environmentalists really the earth has repaired the air in Los Julis is so clear I’m like you’re gonna clearly see stabbings very soon Lex Friedman put out an Instagram post a few days ago explaining how many different viruses are currently in contention right now in a world war there’s that it’s happening I’m looking for more terrifying news but he was just saying like this is there’s Wars going on yeah here it is look at this look at this tweet there are 33 excuse me 320,000 Plus distinct viruses in mammals and a hundred million plus in vertebrates invertebrates and plants there’s an epic microscopic world war going on all around us and inside us nature is beautiful and horrifying source Anthony at all viral diversity in mammals as on in Lex Friedman le ex Fri DMA and Lex Friedman his Instagram Lex who’s been on the podcast a bunch times this is a genius and he’s a fuckin genius oh how depressing stop what spending climate viruses nah but we need to know this is what it is doing I know we thought we were okay yeah I think I mean we’re gonna come out of this with a better understanding of the landscape a hundred percent yeah I think that’s that’s the only good that I see yeah we need to be silly and fun and stupid and people need to not every day look at models every look some new model shows the old model it’s like you know dude unless it’s a real like like it’s something that we need to do to stay safe you don’t inundate yourself with coverage well that’s my podcast there’s a reality of anytime there’s a disaster yeah is that some people can’t keep the shit together right and you find it during disasters and one thing that you do find is that there’s going to be people that make too much noise what meaning they complain too much and they’re freaking out too much and they make the experience bad for other people right and that that’s always been a problem with human beings yeah it’s just we had the world set up so easy that they were never tested before now virtually every on the planet is tested with a new formative adversity in a new thing that induces anxiety right these are new things yeah and we’re expecting people that are kind of weak to handle new things and what I be mean I’m weak I mean psychologically weak there’s young people that they they’re they’re prone to indulgence they want too much attention for their sorrow and their anxiety to complain too much lying to people and they exist well they they those people are another thing that we have to consider yeah they’re they’re dealing with an unprecedented amount of stress I think expecting them to handle and that’s yeah but I think I think it’s like people like our job is to kind of if we can make this funny yeah if we can if we can show that you know it is dark but I make fun of dark stuff so that’s cool that’s fine you know for me I just think the challenge here is to just go keep being funny be funny throughout and then when you’re able to get back onstage and be funny you’ll be okay have fun yeah you’ll be okay if you if you curl up in a ball or you just you know give in to the temptation to be all doom and gloom I’m Jim gloom plus funny you could be doing bloomin funny I don’t think we necessarily have to be doomed blooms we got to be realistic I didn’t but even as shit stands right now what does disease go right still the best time to live yeah human beings have ever experienced well until next month with the Great Depression by but listen what do you think you just told me to bike on an hour it’s the best time to Leslie should have more than one yeah I should have known couple guns okay it’s a good point yeah and boxes of bullets yeah what it is you know it’s good time to live but you need you know you need weapon I read about a house party in Bakersfield yeah people got together they had a house party in Bakersfield and someone fired off 94 shots and shot six people imagine 94 shell casings they found so you see if you can find the story these are the type of people that are gonna break quarantine and those are human beings we look but overall you have to be impressed with the compliance everybody’s everybody’s basically doing the same thing we’re just staying at home and going the grocery store instead and also people are becoming rats people are calling the cops I’m like there’s people that are call the cops on the kids walking too close together and shit it’s like I don’t I don’t like when people become rats on each other yeah I don’t like that did you see that yeah I don’t like that they’re offering rewards I think that’s a whole other bigger problem or your neighbors hug yeah yeah do that man dude I don’t like how humanity so easily snaps into like yeah like you know just informing on people I don’t love that I think that’s something in us that I hate I’m real nervous that we’re gonna have to have the antibodies in us in order to be able to go places well that’s not gonna work because I don’t think a huge percentage of us have had this virus no I don’t think it’s gonna be like that I think they’re gonna either have a vaccine or have some sort of antibody that they can give you oh you know you’re gonna need that little plasma transfusion thing yeah exact time I think I beat it I think I had it I think we’re gonna find out well I’m 23 months I’m confident because what if I had it okay I’m gonna go congratulations what if I beat it that’s wild well a few my friends have beat it like I said Michael yo my friend Sturgill Simpson he’s got it right now yeah his wife doesn’t have it his kids don’t have it and he got it in Europe weeks ago weird it’s strange man it’s weird man it’s weird I’m very excited to find out I hope I I hope there’s if it’s if I do have them I want it to be like a ceremonial imagine a strange virus like that though that gets into some people and does nothing and other people devastates them and devastates mostly older people but occasionally occasionally hell you know what it is dude if you were to design a bioweapon like you know a psychological weapon this is psychological this I don’t think it’s an effective bioweapon in the sense that it doesn’t kill enough people but it is only that it kills everybody but it’s like it’s gonna kill you too it’s gonna kill your family it’s a very effective psychological weapon cuz you don’t know who it’s gonna kill well you could say they’re fine but you could also say like what if you knew that it was coming so you protected yourself and your loved ones with some medicine the only you knew and then you release this shit and you watch it wreak havoc and then when the stock market crashes you start buying up stocks yeah and you just start I’m speculating yeah well it’s just again it’s very it’s it’s it comes on the heels in China of some massive protest yeah all not only China but all around the world do you imagine if one day we find out that they released an artificially created virus to cause a world pandemic so they can get out of some political shit be great imagine not great but it would be amazing man if there was a nation that was that evil that really I’m not saying that yeah definitely not saying to be almost bigger than imagine how crazy that would be if something like that did it could happen and I think would be bigger than a nation it would probably be some of the most powerful people ever I mean I think that would be bigger than one nation that might be a lot of different people going listen man we’ve just got a look if you were China and you were evil I’m not saying China is evil but if you were let’s just say we’re in a movie looks like China what’s called the dark land calling it the dark land very soon they decided to release a virus yeah kills a gigantic chunk of the population causes everyone to stay home causes the market to collapse and then dive in and start buying up giant chunks of the the businesses control these businesses crazy it could absolutely happen and and and we wouldn’t know and you wouldn’t be able to prove it and it would take a while to find out even though China is now suppressing research into the origins of the virus which is not a good sign and that doctor disappeared mmm none of these things are good none of these are good oh but I’m not worried you should be terrified why are you not worried because you got to be a fatalist at a certain point you got to go from here if I’m if I’m gonna go I’m gonna go that’s what it is you got to be a fatalist a certain point selling a cowboy yeah I’m very zen you just got if you’re gonna go you’re gonna go you know when you know it’s great one of my friends was on a on a flight and that was about two who’s sitting next to somebody got a community dance remaining he was sitting there and he was working and there was a he was working on like a show there’s a producer behind them he’s he’s sitting there the plains really rocky it’s getting really bad it’s a stormy and he goes you know whatever happens I had a good life and the woman behind the produce goes no you haven’t [Laughter] [Music] what are you talking about do you many people work with someone they hate how many people work with someone that they think is fucking annoying and they just change people it’s a lot of people there’s no choice you got to do it you got to show up now you work with somebody you hate and they’re coughing imagine that now your co-workers coughing oh my god and you’re like you’re like I think Cynthia’s got the bug that dry cough dude it’s got to be terrifying to hear that next year you’re working and all you hear is oh that’s got to be crazy you’d be so angry you get more sleep yeah why didn’t she take vitamin C yeah no one’s thinking like that but they’re all like so helpful you wash your hands why didn’t she go to the sauna no everyone’s like glad she’s dead I’m getting out of here before I start coughing mmm you know it’s a tough it’s it’s tough the idea that you could take a bunch of people like in a workplace 20 people and you just make them become friends it’s great so you have to work together every day if you’re in an office of 20 people and you same people every day yeah they have to be your friends well that’s what like all those elite fraternities like skull and bones and shit the challenge of them is you take 20 people you think are gonna be leaders and they don’t know each other at all and then you force them to have this lifelong bond how do you do that you do it by like making them do embarrassing shit in front of each other that’s the whole thing of like why those institutions exist or like Harvard and yeah all those places that are just take very successful people that have you know potential to be future leaders and be influential people and like mold them together and force them to create very close bonds that’s what all those secret societies of eternities that’s what all that stuff’s about so it’s very interesting that’s what elite power circles have done forever that’s the whole point of any of those things is to just create bonds between people that have no idea that each other existed before they wake up next to each other in coffins or whatever well originally the thing that people are always talking about when it comes to conspiracy theories about depopulation of the planet yeah it’s always like the elites are going to depopulate the planet and they’re gonna kill you know 50% of the population and then they’re gonna take over control things and it sounds ridiculous right right it sounds ridiculous until they have the robots but if you know or you have a virus right because it aren’t the robots yet they still need us to pick berries and shit when they have the robots all bets are off yeah once AI advances to that level once you see the self-driving cars pull that stuff once you walk into a bank and a robots like hello mr. Rogan then you’re like oh yeah weird we’re going soon they’re gonna start stuffing bats and chickens and get yeah yeah I think we might not get it now I think if this if this symbolizes the the new normal and then this is this is like we’re gonna realize that these things are around us and there are hundreds and millions of them and they’re they’re constantly morphing and evolving then you just become yeah but maybe that’s just what the future is maybe we live like mice you know that’s not even a life though terror but it’s not a life there’s a lot of rats that’s not a life do you see that thing that I say about rats he took me there rat wars in New York I looked outside it was beautiful I’m like fuck New York fuck those people fuck those comedy purists over there in New York now they’re living in a post-apocalyptic hellscape were rats well they they you know when I say go do this guy’s podcast ago I wouldn’t do youtubers podcasts I’m like you’re an idiot some of those people are stupid oh so they just wanted to stand yeah yeah those people so I’m like you know not all of them listen the funniest people in the world you know were from the East Coast are from the East Coast but you know sometimes you can be a little you could be a little short-sighted well I think they’re in there’s some the thing about podcasts is there’s so many of them so you go well what is a podcast is it like this really horrible one that I don’t want to listen to or is it like you know fucking some really interesting well produced wond reshow right what is it what is what is a podcast how yeah how is it what I do and also with Dan Karlin dice yeah fuck are those the same thing not really they’re not but what’s interesting is like it’s just the edge you’ve always made this point about comedy you’ve said comedy so many different things right that’s why you have Nanette and then you have whatever else like you have Sam yeah you have the full spectrum Bob they look similar we have the full very much so so that’s the whole thing so I think with podcasting it’s just it’s not even a thing it’s just like it’s just a platform it’s a technology yeah that allows everybody to do whatever they want yeah it says it’s like having an Instagram page like my Instagram page is very different than daliyah’s which is very different than Kyle absolutely gunning is yeah everybody’s got a different thing that they’re doing with it and what a podcast allows you to do it allows you to do like a show or a thing without having anybody else tell you what to do right that’s exactly it and it allows like you think about what you’re doing yeah a fuck would ever tell you that’s a good thing to do no one would ever tell me anything I’ve got a thing to do my whole life no one would have ever looked at anything I’ve said and said no do that that’s a great investment that house especially like a podcast though right like what do you want to do you just do plan this out yeah just rant I just go I just go about things I care about they go get out of here go get out of here that’s I can’t bring this to the producer yeah they’re like this is not gonna work this is what people in mental institutions do you think I’m gonna bring that to network yes your idea right you’re gonna talk how are we gonna sell that to kwibi that things about to go bye-bye bye well listen it’s a it’s a it’s a mobile streaming app that they launched during a pandemic when most people are likely watching TV on your couch going yeah I’m not commuting anymore it’s a good time for some things though right that the gate with some high-profile guests yeah I’m sure the 30 million unemployed people are gonna be there tomorrow keep buying it there there there a little bit of trouble and I don’t have the facts to back that up but I would I don’t have the stocks shirt shirts but I’m telling you right now if I were them I’d start preparing alternate strategies what’s an alternate strategy you know it’s backed by big people babe you know Meg Whitman new tranny babe Jeffrey Katzenberg dreamers in the podcast yeah and they’re brilliant people I love their friends of mine hang out at their house I’m best friends with both really but when I watched a kwibi launch then you have we hang it and we hang out all the time when I watched a kwibi launch thing they spent a lot of that thing talking about how the movie looks different if you hold it like this and you hold it like that because if the picture switches when you go like this like that and I’m like if that’s 50% of the reason I need to have your thing we’re in deep trouble deep deep trouble I mean it’s just you know edit that all out but you know what I mean it’s like you you know it would have been a great idea in a world where everybody’s maybe commuting all the time this world even when we come back dude a lot of people are gonna be staying at home a lot of companies are gonna go you’re non-essential we don’t need you in the office yes you can stay home no I think for sure meetings are happening now weird that it’s like really good for some things like Netflix great great great for that it’s great for that great for pod can great for podcast great for what else what else oh great terrible for sports terrible for support of anybody yeah terrible for sports terrible for live entertainment terrible for anything that were you know festivals at concerts and things like that you know live events your live pod can’t kill Tony is with the biggest live podcast in the world can’t do it it’s hard for that things like that but what it is good for is for streaming services for content for online podcast things like that you know probably for you know for you know these these networks and apps that allow you to communicate with a lot of people at once like things like zoom you know these things are these things are gonna be big probably too big for zoom right yeah that was the problem yeah and then you know there’s probably gonna be some some things that go by the wayside because of this yeah like this might kill movie theaters this is why I read an article by AMC that said that they’re they they may not reopen they’ve they’ve been downgraded from like bad to like fucked yeah yeah so they’re in trouble but it’s also a lot of people would like to just be able to get the movies at home you know one cares and who’s there it’s kind of forced their hands so apples got like on iMovie or I what is the I home I TV was not but they’re living in a horror show so when they try to watch a movie it’s like someone’s giving birth in the next room so the problem is some people go to the movie theater as an escape right so the reality is depending on how much you know it’s like you’re sitting on the couch at grandmother’s Dinah Corona you’re like I’m trying to watch a film here and this bitch is hacking her lung up in my house so some people need those things yeah yeah movie I think something will come back dude or some it’ll be some hipster bullshit thing that they’ll go away for a few years and they’ll bring it back like remember this well those are the big ones when you go to a town yeah like a local movie theater the real butter on the popcorn and shows in Bozeman Montana we saw Back to the Future that’s gray head back to the future and the movie theater so it’s like this is amazed and it’s like one of those but the seats suck right no they were good okay drive-ins could come back people have been like 1950s drive it how many people get jerked off at a drive-in that’s a number that’s like almost uncountable it’s crazy 80% of the people were getting jerked off at drive-ins if they saw a movie there they got jerked off 80% of the time that’s so funny it’s so funny now how violent movies are getting jerked off to just a violent film you know just a horrific once punch is 12 years a slave and you’re getting jerked off it’s like god this is rough mmm that’s that’s that’s that’s just way it is she’s gotta do it I’m you know I’m cautiously optimistic I’m curious yeah I’m curious how this is gonna go down I think you made a good point it makes me think about health differently and the necessity of like really trying to turn you know take care of myself better because you want to be able to fight these things off think about it like the Three Little Pigs okay so what it is is the idea protect yourself from a wolf bitch make a real fucking house but if I press antibodies it means that I got bricks maybe and that’s crazy maybe it comes back we don’t know what this fucking thing we don’t know we don’t if it’s real it’s probably not real it’s 5g yeah burn inside fucking morons what is fun I don’t even know what 5g I got a higher speed internet it’s it’s it’s a new bandwidth you don’t think there could be some issues with that life it could be right but it’s a new thing so when the when you have like video files you have to download it download like yeah we come flying in man I just know that everybody – everything’s like everything is one conspiracy now everything’s like it’s a it’s it’s Knights Templar and 5g and I’m like guys my phone 5g I never used it once I have a Galaxy Note then that’s 5g it’s never guys range and I don’t even have any of the G’s I have like the ones the most embarrassing service branches for people who have no control over their own life is that true it’s a bad service it’s not good Verizon an 18 tier for legit people hate CNT sketchy yeah it’s not for people like to talk on the phone the good thing about the eighties you can pretend your signal sucks sorry that I gotta go yeah Verizon seems to be able to hold more horizons to one that everyone but the fact that there’s dead spots anywhere in 2020 fuck to you yeah in China you could be on the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere and you get five bars those motherfuckers are wired I know but 21 million people lost those cellphones on the mountain they lost those phones goodbye we’ll tell them what it is 21 million cell phone subscribers and no longer online yeah so that means and such cell phones are would attract people in China so the government loves people having them yeah so the idea that 21 million disappeared might suggest you know the death toll is higher or the other option maybe they were saying what it also could be would be that a lot of people at two lines and then with the pandemic hit they’d lost the ability to hold two lines anymore so the cancel boy it feels like there’s a group of people that are trying to push the war with China narrative you start to feel that like hey maybe let’s hey let’s they’re the enemy let’s fight them and it’s like they probably are the enemy but do we need a war now right course not we don’t know China that’s a real that’s a real world yeah let’s just take a break yeah a war with China is not like a war with Afghanistan oh that’s a serious war yeah we don’t need that with an army that’s huge and super powerful and as nuclear weapons and just let’s just pretend they did like those people on fire that were sick hey if they did everybody mention to you everybody makes mistakes imagine what they’ll do to you have they dogs if I was in a closed-door meeting and they said we torch 20 million of our people I’d go hey no this is you know this is the way you do it do you really want to fuck with people who eat bats no think you do no I think I think you’re dealing with a billion let’s just let them do their thing let’s do our thing we don’t need a war I don’t need to go there and eat a bat well it’s also there they’re already there imprisoned by their government it’s such a we’re not against Chinese people no no one is an omni and not even I’m not even saying I’m against the Chinese government I’m saying that the Chinese government is for sure a dictators you’re an authoritarian government and well we don’t want to lie we could we can slide in that direction in America I’m just saying well yes it is what it is that’s that’s what I think the worry is the people who call that out which is true but they also should realize we can slide there yeah this is my point as always I mean that we’re human beings just like them and they are doing it that way you know they have a dictatorship that tells them what to do in 2020 there’s no difference between them and us it’s just they’re in a different part of the world right but that could be us could be us gotta be careful yeah we gotta be real careful right especially right now because those rights they slip away the chip away out and they never get them back right and you know Michael Shermer and I were having the conversation about being able to talk to people that you don’t agree with and how important that is yeah he wrote a book about giving the devil is do it being able to talk to people to disagree with well des this is all this is what this all relates to this kind of the this thing that’s going on here you got a head like there’s got to be open discourse right you can’t shut down absolutely where you go no they can’t shut down what you do you have to have freedom because freedom that you can tell me what to do for some strange reason maybe a person that decides to tell me what to do I don’t get that that’s why we started this country in the first place like you we’re gonna slide towards safety so hard that’s why you got to deal with people’s opinions online that you don’t like being they have the right to express them that’s why I’ve always been like people say things all the time and I’m like I think that’s abhorrent but they should have the right to post it on you know my aunt should have the right to use her Facebook page you know when the even though I think she should be in jail I mean probably also the people don’t want people being influenced by people that are full of shit right little creatures or televangelists or some suckers they don’t want but I’m not getting influenced by them and you’re not either now so it doesn’t work on people that are paying attention so we’re gonna protect people that don’t pay attention and then the hucksters we’re doing that if we’re not protecting young people okay if we’re protecting young people how young when I was 21 you couldn’t have caught me with that stupid shit but here’s the other thing those hucksters and preachers will just get better so you can box him out they’ll just evolve and their messages will get you know they’ll figure out what the people that are gonna get duped they’re gonna get doodoo they’re gonna get fucked that’s part of the problem I was always gonna buy that house cuz I’m an idiot well yo you were young – I was young and it was fun but isn’t that a part of what we need to see around us – yes you need to see failure you need that you cannot you can’t as you’ve said it like nerf the world you can’t make it seem for everybody people got to deal with things and learn how to deal with the baguette arm or get immunity and the quarantine send us back out today gavin newsom send us out right now I got antibodies I don’t care we’re gonna find out this is great so he’s just sitting out there with a needle yeah they’re ready they’re sharpening up their needles and getting out the alcohol pads Wow yes this is wild gonna find out what’s up I’m excited I hope I don’t have shit I bet I don’t but you never even got a cold I bet I don’t it’s green light I was sick all right shall we wrap it up yes thank you I’m doing thank you so much everybody your podcast the Tim Dylan show it’s a fact free zone come there [Laughter] the Tim Jay Dylan on TI ll went on Instagram and Twitter it’s a lot of fun over there thank you for thank you thanks everybody thanks guys fine I hope I get fucking this clean [Music] Up next

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Transcripts help podcasts become searchable, yet due to cost and complexity, many podcast publishers do not provide transcripts. To improve this, we auto-generate transcripts using a proprietary ensemble speech-to-text algorithm with an accuracy of about 95%. Unfortunately, this process is still expensive to run, costing about $5/hour to transcribe.

We are not paid or affiliated in any way with any of the podcasts presented. If you find these transcripts useful, and would like to help us keep the lights on, please consider subscribing or visiting our sponsors. The opinions and views expressed in these podcasts are not necessarily those of this website.

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